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:iconhibejime:Hibejime posted a status
Hans: It's a happy little land of Hoboken,
Hans and Lulu: Where a unkind word is never spoken! You can bet your left flipper that we'll get you feeling chipper--
All Hoboken animals: Today!
Clemson: For the price of a lousy subway token, you can catch the next train to Hoboken! Let our wares lose the cares!
Lulu: From our droopy derrieres--
Clemson, Lulu and Savio: Okay!

The scene shifts over to a dark room with a piano as a spotlight flashes over Hans.

Hans: We were once quite rotten.
Savio: Tragic yet true.
Hans: Naughty ninnies one and all were we.
Lulu(playing the piano) Not me.
Hans: Yes, fine, I was speaking generally.

Rhonda comes down from a slide similar to Marlene's back at the Central Park Zoo.

Rhonda: But here our past is forgotten!
Clemson: So, we're good? I'm good! (hugs the penguins)
All Hoboken Animals(Clemson, Lulu, and Hans are swinging on tire swings with Savio behind them) It's the endless summer, anti-bummer, life of zoo luxury!
Hans, Clemson and Savio: In the perky peppy land of Hoboken where anger never gets provoken!
Rhonda: No more holding bitter grudges!
Hans: Every Tuesday we make fudges!

Hans hands a plate of fudge to Private, who is ecstatic.

Private(joining in the singing) No way! (sees Skipper staring at him) What?
Clemson(floating on floaty chair in the pool) It's paradise!
Savio(opens a tray revealing a mouse) They serve the freshest mice!
Lulu(shows Rhonda and Hans changing from bad to good) It turns the bad to nice!
All Hoboken Animals: In the happy little land of Ho--

Frances(singing) In the shiny tiny land of Hoboken, where nothing's ever dirty or broken!

Frances does a twirl and grabs them, skipping to the other animals and throwing the penguins up in the air.

Frances: Here's a tip, stay awhile! Take a trip to the smile buffet! In the happy little land of Hoboken, U.S.A.!! (spins around with the penguins in her arms) Hooray!

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