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Nice to meet you and welcome to our little DeviantArt corner. I'm not a pro with 3D sofwares and still learning new nice tricks every day. Lady Adara is my writer and biggest nightmare when its time for corrections :D i wanna show some pics what I have done already and more is of course coming.

I create 3D pictures at the moment and hopefully in time, after I have learned to use these programs better this could be my day job.

I have done commissions, but only when I have time for those or commission sounds really nice. If you like my pics in here, do check on my own website. Pics what I can't show in here are shown in there.. Feel free to pop in and make a comment ;) i also created a patreon page, happy about every coin you flip to me.

As my hours per day are so limited with current situation of my life..

Trades : Closed.
Collabs : Closed.
Requests : Closed.
Commissions : Only for my Patreons at the moment


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Paladines: Rescue Mission released!

Paladines: Rescue Mission released!

here the girls go again for their next paladine chapter :) 63 highres pics for the usual 8 bucks as usual it can be found from our webshop or directly HERE! going to work of a few commissions this week, preparing some scenery changes and refining some details on both models. then starting to render next paladine set in line next week :) a small note about renderotica in future: until now renderotica store was the only store that had ALL of my chapters in stock, beside my own store of course. but their management changed, that means a few things that wont work out so well in future first of all they request a minimum number of 50 pictures for each release, and as i often do 35 pic chapters… second request is to change ezris appearance to look older. in overall not much to discuss then from my side. just to let you know that in future maybe 30% of my chapters can be released there and my own shop remains the only one containing really everything :) but for now enjoy new

Paladines Prologue released

Paladines Prologue released

here we go, some kind of warmup for the upcoming chapters :D and as it is free, all those 24 pics can be found from my own sites gallery :) can also be found HERE! … available there for free as well but i wouldnt mind if you flip over a coin :) anyway, i hope you like it! :D already started working on first regular chapter, ofc including elayne… patreons will get their regular peek previews as usual, release is planned in around 2-3 weeks enjoy and stay tuned!

meanwhile in the blog 40

meanwhile in the blog 40

heyhey, since a few days i am working hard on my paladine revamps, and i am pretty sure a few days more will be needed :D alot of stuff to do in overall… had to revamp those ooooold old badguy models aswell… rerigged them for better posing and brought the textures to nowadays 4k resolutions. paladines armor is almost a perfect copy to the original ones, few parts missing still :) thats how it looks like if you adjust stuff to the genesis8 basemodel in blender… most things really worked out fine by now… fullytank himself supported me with obj and sourcefiles. no worries, those vendors simply dont exist anymore today so you cant buy most of those old props any longer… a lot is released around 2008, 5 years before i even started my career in this business :) and yes… you WILL notice… check second pic… that waist chain… absolute crap quality and have to redo this one completely for example. plus the sceneries… renderotica was my second host where ALL my stuff was

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TK981Hobbyist Digital Artist

I really appreciate the llama, Hibbli :)

You've got some great pieces here, we're at opposite sides of the niche, but I'll have a look through your gallery to see if there's anything I particularly like. When you have a spare moment, be sure to check out mine (it's short and sweet for the time being lol )


MissLimeyNew Deviant

Thanks for Llama :) .... Keep up the fantastic work.

Thank you
DarkMarvin42Hobbyist Writer

Th.anks for the Llama

mjariinHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for the llama!!! <3

warsaraveyHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for the Llama!!

UkkieStamperHobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks a lot for the Llama!

Thank you for the Llama!!!