You'd rather see...
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large images of compiled doodles uploaded to the main gallery
individual images uploaded to scraps
large images of compiled doodles uploaded to scraps
I don't look at doodles of any sort
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plexar37Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whatever ya like! I really love seeing other people's sketches, I usually um, subscribe? to 'scraps' anyway!
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elmenoraStudent General Artist
I love doodles, sketches, and unfinished art. It's a way to see the artist's thoughts and methods, like a little window into your brain :3
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Jetyra-LuckStudent Digital Artist
I'm not surprised that people prefer sketches in one big image... I AM surprised that so many people prefer sketch dumps in the MAIN GALLERY. :O
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tobymcwairHobbyist Traditional Artist
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NekoFeverHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I absolutely love doodles, especially when their are multiple doodles slapped onto one page to show off the slightly different styles and ideas.
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wezenbeesjeProfessional General Artist
I love compiled doodles. A lot to see. :D Just single doodles are not interesting enough for me.
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
Admittedly, I'm kind of surprised. I didn't realize that so few people watched scraps and that so many preferred to see groups of scraps in the main gallery. So sketchdumps it is! I'll probably move them to scraps afterward.
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russetwolf13Hobbyist Writer
What can we say, individual sketches are okay, but put them all together and it's like a Where's Waldo book.

Only you're looking for awesome instead of Waldo, and it's everywhere.
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mreviverHobbyist Digital Artist
I look at doodles and I do watchs scraps, so however you do it, it works for me!
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I love seeing big compilations of doodles every now and again in the main gallery!
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JaDisArtHobbyist General Artist
Either of the large image options is fine with me.
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WolfenAmphithereHobbyist General Artist
Large compilations uploaded to your gallery first, so people get the notice who aren't watching your scraps, and then moved to scraps when you feel it's time to clean your gallery :P
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Twitchy-Kitty-StudioProfessional Digital Artist
I forget that Scraps even exists (even for my own stuff), so I love when doodles and whatnot are posted to the main gallery! It's OK to move it later, if ye want though :)
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ToygerStudent Digital Artist
I would love to see the individual images (though I love compilations too! =D )
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THAT ICON... :omg:
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
Ha ha ha ha I know. She's had that icon for years and every time I see it, I have to stop and stare at it for a while.
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Scraps are useful but the conveignant is that watchers don't know when a new is posted
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OpalSkyeHobbyist Digital Artist
It's fantastic to see the raw ideas that you have, I've always enjoyed your sketch"dumps" and felt that 'dump' was a rather harsh term for the high quality of your sketches :)

Individual images or large compilations are equally win in my eyes, I like to see all the detail ^^
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
Well... I guess because it's like dumping a lot of sketches out of a wheel barrow.... If you prefer, we could call it a sketch beautiful spring rain.
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OpalSkyeHobbyist Digital Artist
That's just overkill xD
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
Sketchdump FTW! :dummy:
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Vivienne-MercierHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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I love sketch dumps.
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