Would you like to see more human artwork?
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Yes; more homo sapiens, please!
I'm not bothered either way. I want to see all the artwork.
No, no people.
No, and in fact, if you start uploading a lot of humans, I'll unwatch this gallery.
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By hibbary   |   
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lilfirebenderProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, I want to see some artwork created by humans in your gallery.

But seriously, if you have stuff that you don't entirely want to put in your gallery, you could always upload that stuff to scraps. Let everyone know in your journal. The people who want to see it, can add your scraps to their watch list.
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While i haven't seen much humans from you to base my judgement on, seeing more would be nice. Although i must say i'm really fond of all your non human works, and if you are to make more humans, don't make them too human :)

A bit of fantasy is always good.

That's said it is only my point of view (since you asked). I believe one should go with what he feels like doing regardless as long as it feels right. It is nice to ask for points of view though.

I am eager to see the outcome of this.
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Humans are ugly! ):
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Just follow your imagination x)
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gymnosophistProfessional Writer
All of your work is wonderful. Create as the Muse inspire... :heart:
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I want to see anything you'd like to share, be It human, animals or mythical beasts! ^^
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Yes, please more humans! :)
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FirequillProfessional Filmographer
Any art is good for me! My eyes are ready to gobble it all up with their gaping, cavernous pupils. They're hungry for fresh-baked sustenance right out of the Hibbary oven.

Or y'know. Something like that.

I'm especially 'yes' because I've been trying to work on my own human drawing abilities lately, so yay for that!
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
My oven has been set to half-baked for a little while now :D But hopefully I'll have some new stuff.... eventually.
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TrollGirlProfessional Traditional Artist
You did make a name for yourself as an animal/dragon artist. However, it's your gallery and if you have some human arts done, might as well put them up, who knows who will like it and want one...
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kiki-doodleProfessional Digital Artist
The people who are like "WUT IS THIS NO!" sadden and amuse me.

Of course, I've posted human art on my FA account. I'm like "you watch me because you like my art, right?"Plus, most of my art anymore mostly just has animals as animals being animals somewhere in the background.
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PrinceofPrideHobbyist General Artist
A majority of people I know draw nothing but animals. More human art would definitely add more variety, I encourage you to upload more human art.
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EverboundVenvelProfessional General Artist
18 people are jerks. I say upload whatever you want to.
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Upload all teh artworks!!! All of them! :XD:

Seriously, everything you create is beautiful and if people don't want to see them they don't know what they're missing out on. It's their loss. *shrug*
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HimmapaanProfessional Traditional Artist
I can't work out whether the people who chose 'if you start uploading a lot of humans, I'll unwatch this gallery' were being facetious or really just that absurd.
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
I promise you; they exist.
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HimmapaanProfessional Traditional Artist
Oh, yes, I'm afraid I'm sadly only too aware of it... :facepalm:
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i tend not to like human artwork as much but i don't mind
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If you are making the art anyway, don't hide it, go for it!! I watch you because I admire your style very much. I'd actually be interested to see the ways you make humans. It WAS your animal/fantasy stuff that drew me in but I am a Hibbary fan. I want to see ALL the arts. Haha. If you are REALLY worried about the vocal minority you could always make a second account, though I know that might be rather unwieldy.
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
I'm not worried, per se. The snarky, Snape-like part of me takes malicious glee in spiting the kind of people who'd unwatch me for such a small reason. For the most part, though, I just wanted to know if there were people who actually DID want to see them.
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Ah, very funny! Well, that Snape-like part is pretty awesome. That's a much better way to look at it than being worried about what the persnickety people would think! And yep, I am one of the many looking forward to whatever shows up in your gallery. :)
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JMieraProfessional Filmographer
it's YOUR art gallery lovely. Upload whatever you're working on :) People will watch you or not watch you and whatevs. Its what you do :)
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AmberfangedHobbyist Digital Artist
I honestly don't really mind what you submit as long as it's nothing awkward. What ever you post I'm sure it will be great.
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