What would you rather have?
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more highly-polished work uploaded less often
less polished work uploaded frequently
meellions of sketches and rough work
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By hibbary   |   
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Roxy333Student Traditional Artist
Some of all three categories please! it's good to have variety!
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Roaring-Flame-CatHobbyist General Artist
Myself personally, I would love if I had more refined work, even though I wouldn't update forever. I feel that people look at my scrapish gallery and are put off, since I'm trying my damndest to bring in commissions, and I haven't gotten any from DA at this point. Etsy has brought in some money, but I haven't had a job for a year now, and the only way I've brought in money is my art... It sucks. D:> I wish that people would kinda sift through and see my watercolors and ceramics... but I guess we're all lazy. *shrug* I would love more polished works.
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pyrethedragonmasterHobbyist Digital Artist
get it uploaded and come back to it when i have my mind in order ^^;;
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catchaoticaHobbyist General Artist
A mix of all!!!
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ReyoukeStudent General Artist
Id like to see all of it! :D
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I like a little mix of everything.
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All of the above. xD
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carnivalProfessional General Artist
everything~ ^______^;
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I kinda like everything you put out, but I lo-o-ove seeing artist's rough sketches. Just cuz they're awesome. :)
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is this even a question? of course I love everything but think about it, if you posted only high-polish peices then perhaps that would help bring your work to the next level! we're all about improvement here right? but then again the sketches are so important cuz they show us learning and having fun! so ... yeah... uh, I guess I ruined my answer now I have to say "both" but you know, the first is good too! ;)
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GloriariStudent Digital Artist
Hibbary, to be honest, I enjoy just about anything you upload. If I can learn from it (which I often do from sketches and unfinished work) then I appreciate it. I love looking at both your highly polished work as well as your rougher work.
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I'm nut over sketches ;)
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I have long learned while dealing with artists of your caliber that you know better what I like than I do.
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elmenoraStudent General Artist
I would most like to see a few polished, highly developed pieces along with LOTS of scribbly sketches :D
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DestinieKirbyHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I'd like to have a little of all of it, but I voted for more high polished works out of those three. :nod:
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blue-insidesStudent General Artist
all of them!!
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i would actually say a combination of all three, but as thats not an option, i went for the middle one :)
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majspandaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't vote. :) I want to see all of your art! (Ok, maybe not these tiny post-it-sketches, but yeah) You know, the things you like and feel comfortably with :D You don't have to be so rough on yourself.
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MacushlaStudent General Artist
I love seeing both polished work and sketches. xD The sketches are like a behind-the-scenes look at how the polished pieces start out, I like seeing the progress. :>
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GreenLadyMonster Traditional Artist
I love your art to death, so anything you feel like uploading I will dig.

On that note though, I especially like WIP concepts/sketches and really polished work from most of the artists I watch.
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DemonML Digital Artist
I love teh sketchies!! :iconiloveitplz:
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I dont have a preference! :D :iconflailingplz: i like all your work/ideas :3
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I love anything :)
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gymnosophistProfessional Writer
Well, seriously, I like all your work. So just keep posting, whatever it is... :)
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