What would you be most interested in seeing (purchasing) from me?
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an art book
a calendar
a line of sculptures
a line of wearable art items (pendants, pins, etc.)
a print portfolio
more straight up original art
t shirts and other printed textiles
greeting/christmas cards
a comic (lawd, this would take a lot of work :P )
something else (please specify. The more input I get the better :3 )
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art book as long as it's coloring pages :D
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I put myself down for an art book... although you have so much work I'm interested in I think you'd probably have to put out more than one. Honestly though, I'd also be really interested in a comic or story... perhaps concerning the characters and events around that Dominic fellow and the others you were drawing a lot a while ago?

A print portfolio would be nifty, too... all of these sound like good ideas! If I was going to buy something, though, I'd most readily go for either an art book (especially if you took the time to talk about your pieces and methods and such) or a comic of sorts.
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MalteseLizzieMcGee Traditional Artist
A comic would be interesting, but it would have to have a good storyline (and no amnesiac sons/daughters of royalty. Or wondrous beautiful steeds that obey your every command-I'd rather see an ugly Draft-Horse-sewn-together-with-racehorse-type thing that dumps its riders in the hedge)
Short of a comic, it would be nice to see more original pieces, perhaps with animals you haven't drawn often eg. mice and other rodents
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dethzenProfessional Artist
Perhaps an artbook, combined with some tutorials?
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An artbook or some kind of collection. You are literally one of the two people I ever consider looking forward for a purchase from. Although I... nah. A comic would be nice. I wouldn't recommend it though.
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KipporahHobbyist General Artist
I think art book or calendar. Perferably art book since I tend to use many of your sketches for my own art ideas (whether or not they make it to paper is another story).
I also thought of posters, but only of your finished works.
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CalibizaroHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think a calendar would be neat...not enough neat artists do that...it's always the same ol' Wegman puppies, cutie babies, and recycled Monets that I see at the stores...I want something cooler for next year. :D
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russetwolf13Hobbyist Writer
I've got a damned hard on for comic books!... That sounded inappropriate, I apologize.
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I picked other because I'm not sure if a tote bag fits under "printed textiles." I'd totally buy a tote with one of your dragons on it! Other stuff I go for with original art on it is usually the little things, pins, bookmarks, postcards, etc.
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crimsonkitsuneHobbyist General Artist
I said comic because I adore your art and would love to see the lives and histories of some of these characters you draw.

My second choice is the art book, and like some people suggested, having sketches and concept art, along with full colored pieces. And some notes, too. :3

Third choice is wearable stuff. I LOVED the Cyber Moon pendants and I'm really interested in seeing what else you have up your sleeve. ^.^
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I love all of your stuff but I'd have to say that all of your original artwork is the most refreshing to see. I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do of course but I like the originals the best.
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I chose other. All the above wasn't there. :D
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NikitaDarkstarHobbyist Writer
If we play with the thought of me actually beeing able to spend money then definently a calendar...
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SanionkaStudent General Artist
I'd love to see/buy an art book from you, but what about a tutorial book?
I'd buy that.
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FixxenHobbyist Traditional Artist
A calendar!! There's nothing like really cool calendars, and I can't imagine how awesome one would look like with your art in it:lol:
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Art book, jewelry, sculptures, and calendar! All would be awesomesauce.
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enigma-rainHobbyist General Artist
I think a book full of your realistic pokemon art.
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Art book. I love art books.
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SewLolita General Artist
while i'd love to -see- sculptures or jewelery, i'm probably more likely to buy an artbook :D
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id have to say making fursuits
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
Wat LOL. That takes so much time and effort and skills I haven't got. I might do one for lulz and see if I can sell it off, but..... Not a line of em ha ha.
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im halfway done with a head
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