What kind of art book would you like most?
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dragons specifically
all kinds of mythical beasties
all sorts of animals
my characters
a mix of everything--just throw it ALL in there!
other (please comment)
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Roxy333Student Traditional Artist
Dragons and magical beasts!!! the y are my favorite
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OlmStrangerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think a 'dragon' and 'mythical beast' one would be good, no anthro and no other 'normal' animals.

Dunno why, I'd just find it more interesting.
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i said "other" but what I mean by that is maybe its an artbook that reflects your own personal progress just like what your blog is designed to do.

I certainly would rather see personal artwork and personal developement rather than a bag full of commission work or school assignments :/
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meljenProfessional Traditional Artist
I chose mythical beasties, just because I'm partial to them. ;) But honestly, I would love to see everything. Your artwork is incredible, and you would easily be an inspiration to thousands of fellow artists.
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An art book or compilation that I enjoy is one in which each picture is worth a thousand words... In which each picture makes me ache to know what the story behind this picture or character is. Artists who publish compilations like this, my favorite example being Brom, would actually be able to charm the money from my wallet if there were enough there to charm away from my iron hard grip. There's a good mix of things in those books, usually. That's the kind of thing I like seeing. Character. A story waiting to unfold.
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human to animal transformation
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More arthur fanart?
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jrocklolitamangaHobbyist Traditional Artist
a mix of everything with sections and subsectionsss
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FlexicoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Really, my favorite thing about your art is that you are so free -- you just draw whatever it is you want to, you are not swayed by the existence of fandoms and cliques. (At least I don't think so.) Just ... everything. :love:
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Personally I want mythical beast and all sorts of animals and some anthro if it falls under a bit of the mythical, and dragons... but why not make several themed books if an artbook is what you are going to sell?
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Cosmic--ChaosHobbyist General Artist
Everything of course! =P
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Killuameomeo13Student General Artist
I love "everything", so...XD
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MadnCrazyElecaStudent Traditional Artist
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BiotypeHobbyist General Artist
All those answers. I'd draw whatever actually comes to mind in my book.
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Altarior Digital Artist
I can always go to the library and get a TON of books about cats, wolfs, birds, WHATEVER... I'd like some dragons, because I can't find any good books helping me with that and Google don't show any uable pictures either :3

So, dragins and other mythical beast, but mostly dragons :D
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Altarior Digital Artist
Dammit! doesn't* usable* dragons* I've gotta learn not to write so fast xD
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I'd love to see an art book with just mythical creatures. Not fantasy creatures but creatures and beings from specific mythologies.
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FixxenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Just throw it ALL in! I love all of your works!:heart:
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malino555Professional Digital Artist
all kinds of mythical beasties ^^
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wokejacquelineProfessional Interface Designer
So, like the prior note - plaaague doctors hahaha. I love your conceptual work on these guys and I don't see enough honestly. ;3

Drawings of gears & wires; anthros & dragons, humans, skeletal studies, muscle, character pages and descriptions...anything you can think of.

Perhaps a "DaVinci style" where there's tons of sketches with notes on certain pages, and other pages just notes/info...I figure yours would be ab it easier to follow, since you're doing it for publication, but I have always found that general style very aesthetically pleasing to read.
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Everything...literally...everything you've ever drawn since you picked up a pencil...

And that includes pictures of wall scribbles from when you were 1. X3

But seriously, any subject you draw should go in your art book. :3
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
WOW that would be crazy 8D My crowning achievement when I was very small was a large pastel drawing of diapers hanging on a clothesline. It's still my favorite piece ha ha
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It would be crazy awesome! X3

Now I wanna see this drawing of diapers on a clothesline...:XD:
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
It's pretty huge.... I'll have to find out where it is.
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