What do you think of adoptables?
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I love them and love to buy them!
I like looking but wouldn't spend money on them
I don't like them and would never get one
Adoptables infuriate me
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SleepyFoxesHobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the late as hell post, but; I think adoptables is a nice idea to encourage creative thinking, however...some of the prices I see on average quality adoptables are mindbogglingly ...entitled.

Not gonna link to it, as I feel that would be too 'name and shame', but today I saw an adoptable with an auto-boy of 400 euro. That's what my appartment costs to rent a month. The creature's fairly creative, but style has been seen before from other artists, and colors were a bit boring...and not at all worth those money on AB. Sure, it doesn't always reach auto-buy...this one is on 350 bid. And it's 2 people in a bidding war. Nobody else. If you are a popular artist, sure, you could charge a bit more because it's a 'brand', and you're selling it with a minimum bar of quality set, that's fine. Not 400 euro fine.

It is entirely people's own choice to throw money at whatever they want, but it feels like exploitation to have prices driven up that far. It feels predatory to cater to people with so little personal responsibility that they use obscene amounts of money on 1 character. I get that artists aren't always rich, everyone has to live somehow, but come on...

I have seen more of that than I have responsible people with reasonable prices.
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DarthChibFangirlHobbyist Artist
i think that there cute! But i would only buy one if it was really well done. and i would actually draw pictures and use the adoptable unlike some people who just buy them cause every one want one.
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Aiko-SurubanneHobbyist General Artist
Uhm. I don't really buy em cause I make my own characters. But I sell them.
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69MoonBright69Hobbyist Digital Artist
Time for my oponion! :evillaugh:
Don't worry, it's gonna be short and nice. :meow:

Im a pro-adoptable, myself, i sold 3 and bought 2.
I do prefer selfmade characters (expecially my lovin Sorrel), but i always welcome the though of getting another one, expecially when i have a lack in creativity. (like i bough my lovin Sorrel a lovin sister)
So, i take one for like 5 points, draw them and love them. That's it.
Of course, it is a waste of points, but i dont regret buying them.

I must agree that some are just plain like... Let's say recoloured eevees.
But some of them are really worth!
Exaple:Someone does both lines and colours and maybe adds a nice background.

But after anything, i wouln't spent REAL MONEY on them, just POINTS.
If they are FREE, or cheap, even better!

Long live the CREATIVE adoptables! :dance:
Who doesnt like them, i understand. I TOTALY know why. I see the point.
Yet, i like them.

Kay... It maybe wasnt that short after all... :iconawesomefaceplz:
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HoursUponHoursHobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally agree!! How did you get your adopts to sell??
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69MoonBright69Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's was more of a lucky moment, just post them to bigger groups with lots of watchers. XD
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HoursUponHoursHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh, haha yeah xD
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Oooh some are really pretty... But I don't have points sooo xD End of story.
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RadiantStar4Hobbyist General Artist
I would not waste money on them, though some are amusing to see.
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elmenoraStudent General Artist
I don't really get it. And this is as someone who's actually worked on an adoptables site, though not for real money.

I just don't understand why anyone pays for the things. They're fun to make if you're in the right mood, and they can be pretty, but eh. If I were going to pay for art I'd want something more dynamic and original. On the other hand, if they're happy to pay and I'm happy to make then everyone ends up happy ;)
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They honestly infuriate me... Perhaps if I had heard tale of artists generating income from their own creations, I wouldn't be mad; but more often than not, I hear of people stealing someone else's work and selling it in Adoptable form.
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KipporahHobbyist General Artist
I usually prefer commissions but I have bought a lot of adoptables.
I will say that I prefer adoptables that are either completely hand drawn and colored (either by hand or by computer) or are very creative in coloring someone else's lineart.
I don't seem to like adoptables that are the simple coloring games and then 'sold' because I can just 'make' it myself with the same game.
I kind of like the rainbow ones.
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LadyBelvaHobbyist Digital Artist
I've voted "I like looking but wouldn't spend money on them" because the only adoptables i've ever taken is gratis, payed only with an art trade and I think is 100.000 times better than pay points for an image without sense. The most of the time anyway the adoptables is only the same lineart with different colours, why the hell i have to pay for this? XD
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MK-InkwellProfessional Digital Artist
I've seen some pretty cute and interesting adoptables out there, and some... not so much. In any case, I don't think I'd wanna pay for one. Maybe it's just because I like making up my own characters, and I feel like adopting a character wouldn't be as much fun.
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funny how this comes right as i am trying my own XD
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RolandBoyceHobbyist General Artist
I must really be living in a cave somewhere , I didn't even no what adoptables were till I saw your post .
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if you want to sell adoptables you can try on furaffinity.net over there they usually buy a lot. With someone as talented as you over there, it'll take no time before people start asking commissions, adoptables and stuff.
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AdaloreHobbyist Digital Artist
I have enough personal ability to never need them at all. And I rather have absolute control of them from the start, with the ability to scrap them without costing myself any more than time.

So many neglected characters, or simply undeveloped, so I really don't need more that I payed for.
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NoniwayProfessional Artist
Unless, that is, you're talking about real-life animals or children. I like those just fine.
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I think it depends! I made quite a few DA points on adoptables about a year ago, which I spent on DA (since they cannot be switched back to real money :P) on prints. Occasionally I see a sheet of adoptables from a really good artist that hits the front page and if they aren't like fifty bucks or something they usually go pretty fast. If they aren't too expensive and yet intricate or well-designed enough they really go like hotcakes. Not just for DA points, obviously, but like, Paypal. When it hits the sweet spot like that, sually by the time I see them they are all adopted already. I don't know what a good, fair price is, but it would depend a lot on how long it takes to make each adoptable I guess!
I know many people are willing to buy something with a unique design even if it shares its lineart with other images. The design is the important thing. I mean, look at all the petsites out there and the money they generate from custom pets! With a few notable exceptions, the customs are constrained to the same linearts but people pay real money to have something unique between the lines.
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Hoshit it took me forever to find the bottom of the page.

I love adoptables, depending on the creator. If they make eye-bleed, God-awful, uncoordinated color clashing characters, then a sheet of those annoys the hell out of me. But if someone can use colors and patterns to their advantage, hell I get sucked in just like the next person.
What can I say. If it's pretty, Im a sucker to buy it.

Hope that helps~
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:confused: whats adoptables:?
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armainaHobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to add, not all adoptable you have to pay for. Honestly, the trend with adoptable started years ago and it was all first come first serve and random draw things.

With that in mind, is this pole only about paid adoptables, or adoptables on the whole?
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KleinsaurProfessional General Artist
I feel like, why pay you when I could make something my own? I mean, most of them are just a normal animal with a different color/common pattern found on another animal. If it's a species that the artist made up, I could see, but if I'm going to put time into a character, I'd like to own the rights so I could publish my art w/o hassle. Just my thoughts...
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