My newest sketches and pencilwork are:
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Too light. I can't see anything!
Just right. The lines read well and there's no dirt around them.
Too dark. I can see smudges and creases all over.
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Drover -

Has a few smudges and what looks like eraser marks either made with photoshop or by hand? Looks almost intentional though...hmm.
The center of the subject I feel is just the right amount of detail and heaviness of the line art.

Whilst the horns and the collar fade out, I don't think this looks bad at all - after all, it was a sketch and you said so yourself, you weren't sure if you'd finish it. For what purpose it serves, I feel that it's very good. The lack of detail in the horns and collar/bottom of the neck give it personality - makes you focus on the face more which has so much expression!

Sphinx -

No qualms there either. Smudge free.
True, the line art isn't as heavy, but since these two pieces are completely different, I feel I shouldn't be comparing the two. The pose and the subject differ.

The Drover was a portrait - an up close shot. It was important to have the centerpiece heavy with detail.

The sphinx, on the other hand, I can see you possibly taking this a step further and coloring it. So it's good that you kept it lighter and cleaner looking.

Nice use of differing pencil strokes. :thumbsup:
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NikkerHobbyist Digital Artist
I can see a lot of messiness around "The Old Drover," but "The Sphinx" looks fantastic.
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Vivienne-MercierHobbyist Artisan Crafter
They look fine on my monitor. :nod:
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acla13Professional General Artist
Just right. You've really got a rather clean and neat work. :nod:
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Although I voted just right. There are some ver small smudges on a couple but smudges give character, they're like residual soul of the artist :)
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I can't say. I don't look at your submissions.
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WKJonesnetStudent Digital Artist
stupid gamma
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Just right; but then again, I have suspicions that my monitor may be brighter than others.
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They're just right, but I can see smudges and dirt around The Drover. The Sphinx though, is pretty good in quality terms.
Personaly I think the two are quite wonderful though^^
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It shows up well on my computer, but yes there is dirt.
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
...don't seem to be showing up in my msgs. ;p
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
found them! :)
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Cri-KeeHobbyist Traditional Artist
For me, as apparentely for the majority, they're very clear :)
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DestinieKirbyHobbyist Digital Artist
Every time I see sketches from you I'm typically amazed by the overall cleanliness. :nod:
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YikYikHobbyist Traditional Artist
And nicely presented! Sorry, forget to add it in the last comment! *lol*
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YikYikHobbyist Traditional Artist
Everything you do is just perfectly beautiful! :)
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Dk-RavenHobbyist Digital Artist
I did't get any message that you have new deviations...
But now I've seen them and they seem perfect :)
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works for me
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Judging by the most recent sphynx drawing, it could be a little darker but I can see it fine as is.
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Hm. Might be helpful to add a link so there's no confusion as to which pieces are in question, buuut assuming you're referring to the two most recent pencil/ink uploads, I'd say they're just right on my monitor. It's the nature of the pencil medium to be light, and the curse of presenting traditional artwork digitally, that scanners will never do the original justice. So if you're particularly concerned with the fainter details, maybe start creating more pieces from scratch digitally, where there's more control? Otherwise I think each piece as a whole looks very presentable, and if the lightest details look faint, then so be it. We know it's pencil, and we all know what scanners do to pencil lineart!
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Most were just right, but that man with horns was a little too dark.
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AlysaTaladayProfessional General Artist
Of the two most recent? The sphinx piece is perfect, but I do see smudges on the other piece. [link] Otherwise, spectacular! :) I wouldn't say it's too dark, but I don't really know what you'd do about that. I am no good with such things. No one else seems to have a problem, so maybe it's just my screen? I have done a few things on my computer that come out looking lighter to other people.
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ankewehnerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I can see dark areas on The Old Drover, too; I'm not entirely sure if it's smudges, or shadows caused by the paper not lying entirely flat, but they're there. There's one between the ear and the horn, sort of continuing the curl of the horn, which is a bit distracting.

I used a test picture somewhat like the one found at [link] to adjust my screen, nothing high-end.

And, yep, the Sphinx looks great. :)

(I didn't vote because no answer is true for both images.)
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AlysaTaladayProfessional General Artist
Cool! I've never had a problem with the colors on my screen, and I've done a lot graphic design on this computer. It transfers fairly well to other computers.
I also see a faint one starting at the forehead and going along the horn, and a dark area at the back of the neck. It's all the same area...maybe it is a shadow. Especially if it came out of a sketchbook, because sometimes scanners are just evil like that. :p
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