I am going to raffle off literally hundreds of sketches of varying types (dragons, griffins, etc.).
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All the sketches at once. I want to win a hundred even if I have less of a chance!
in smaller lots. I would get less if I won, but there's more of a chance of getting something. (if you like, specify what you think would be best in terms of lot size)
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tfsolardive Photographer
I think groups of five sketches would be cool. That way you feel like you get something when you win but you break it up too.
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Make it varied. About half of the pool should be single pics. 1/4 of winners should get two-three pic sets, the rest - a couple of bigger collections connected by theme (5-10) and one first prize with some 10 sketches plus a full color pic.

Try not to split sets. One-shots can (should) go single or in pairs, but series should be kept together and go to one winner each.
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RolandBoyceHobbyist General Artist
I would say 5to 8 sketches at a time .
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Daktari92Student General Artist
Hmm, as almost everyone, I'd prefer smaller lots. 20-25. I hope all this will pay off, when you post the journal I'll spread the word! Good luck with everything and I think I'm going to join in on the raffle :)
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JiyuKodaiHobbyist General Artist
I would say, count your sketches then divide it by how many lots you wanna go for.
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i really don't know i guess 25 to 45 maybe
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epicheatherProfessional Filmographer
I would send them off in packages of 10-20.

Or you could do it like, smaller raffles are in bunches of 5.
There's a chance for slightly larger packages of, say, 10.
Then there's a grand prize of 20.
Y'know. Like that. Small prizes and large prizes. You could do it like that.
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ShadowCrawlerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
5 at a time seems reasonable, and it would probably yield more people to try at a chance (and you'd make more money).
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depend or time to upload
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Depends how many "hundreds" actually is. I was thinking 5 when I saw the question, but people's suggestion of 10-15 do not sound unreasonable.
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shandrelshessiarHobbyist General Artist
Oh, i am very interested....
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10 at a time would be ok...
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oooh.... a raffle... that's awesome hibbary :D i'd absolutely die for one of your sketches XD
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Right around 10 sounds good.
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SarthouStudent Photographer
Depends on how many you have and what they are. could do groups of ten for smaller sketches then groups of five for larger sketches. Just an idea.
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DegorramStudent Writer
This is so cool! I'd love to have some of your art. I also have no idea how this works, but I'll definitely be paying attention.

I'd say 10-15 pieces is good. More chance for everyone to get something rather than five people getting everything.
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MagicduckHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wouldn't go higher than 20 sketches per bundle. That is a treasure trove right there!
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WendyLynnHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd say like 10 pics per lot.
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3-5 drawings per lot, depending on size, in my opinion.
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WolfDragon360Student General Artist
so how does this work? :confused:
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insanenlovinitHobbyist General Artist
I think 5 or 6 sounds good. :D
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As :iconmattroper: said, perhaps 1-5...Sounds fair enough, ya?
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If 10-15 would mean many lots, 20-30 might be a better lot size.
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I'd say in batches of 5-10-20.
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