Have you ever blocked a deviant from your gallery?
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Yes. They were being abusive to myself and other deviants.
Yes. They were just annoying me personally.
No. Nobody's ever given me a reason to.
No. I've wanted to/had good reason to, but it goes against my principles to block someone.
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I've had to block a deviant a couple of times. I wish that wasn't true! But it is.

Both times it's been because of someone using my gallery as a public means to harass or get in contact with me, when I don't want to be in contact anymore. I work for the game Furcadia and it has a large user-base of young people.. some of them don't know when to stop! I think maybe I've been too open and friendly with too many people and it gives the impression I don't have standards of behavior...

Usually I just tolerate it but sometimes I just don't want it in my day.
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CorvidnnStudent Traditional Artist
I have only blocked one person, and only because we had a personal history together. We dated for a while, things went downhill after breaking up...he started posting some inflammatory comments and a not-so-nice blog on his page, as well as leaving me rude comments on my Myspace page. In short, blocked him, deleted him from my Myspace, and haven't talked to him since.
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Segol-HaneProfessional Traditional Artist
The voting doesn`t work for me today, so i`ll just say it in wirds:
No, in the last 5 month I am here, no one gave me the reason to do that... Well, I hope it will go this way in the future, too.
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I've wanted to just because I found them personally annoying and stupid, but didn't, one or two times now. Ultimately they just left stupid/pointless comments on pictures or were overall annoying to me for one reason or another, but I got a laugh out of some of their stupidity and joked about it with a friend, so ultimately decided to leave it. They weren't really being malicious, just stupid.
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ChilkatStudent General Artist
Well, a "friend" of mine was writing comments on my deviations and main page from another account and she claimed herself to be a completely different person. She was pretending so badly that I suspected who is she from the very beginning (she made a big mistake uploading a few shetches to the new account). Soon I became certain that it's really she and I blocked both of her accounts (now I'm now blocking only the second account, even tough I don't think she would be THAT stupid to try using it again).
When I asked her what's the second account for, she admitted to me that it's hers, but never told me what was it all about.
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Hmm, I've only ever blocked one person. It was a bit of a strange one, a random guy on a video game message board was claiming I was his girlfriend and he knew where I lived, had my phone number etc. A little worrying until he claimed I was living in New York XD After all this message board stuff was dealt with, he tried to contact me here on DA so I blocked him. Actually I do wonder if he had been seeing someone who was an art thief with my work as he was so insistent about it.

Other than that, i've never had any problems with anyone. I'm so oblivious to drama I don't seem to attract it or something XD
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rodrevHobbyist Artist
It seems to me that the only time I have wanted to block someone out it haven't been a real Deviantart user but a "spammer" who the admistration usually kicks out pretty quick.
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MoonMouseStudioProfessional Digital Artist
I had to block three people from my page because they are the type that just CRAVE drama, and thus have been trying to egg me on for a while so I just blocked them. Since then they have made several trolls in order to stalk my sister on here- Thankfully, she manages to catch every one and blocks all of them.
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thedancingemuProfessional Traditional Artist
I blocked a guy from a club account once because he seemed to be stalking one of the members :/
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I never knew you could, and I've never had a reason to.
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DARGON1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed I have.They were being both abusive to myself and one of my friends!
I will not tolerate people being abusive to myself or others and just putting down peoples art because they do not agree with it or think it is "Worthy" of there time! No one asked them to look at any of the works they so cruelly degraded!
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I blocked my ex because he was being an annoying douche.
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DragonCidProfessional General Artist
Deviantart is generally full of a lot of good people, but boy there are a few crazy people out there who can be hurtful.
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QinniProfessional Digital Artist
i did a year ago...but recently i felt it was like taking things too personally, so i unbanned them all and haven't banned anyone else since even when they've pissed me off xD;
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Yes. I'm a thin skinned bastard who blocks others for touching me with a feather.
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I did, once, because they were insulting, abusing, and threatening my models, then turned on me when i asked them to stop.
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I don't think I've ever even though about that.
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I've blocked about 6 I think. 3 were preemptively blocked because they had been going around my circle of people begging for free art repeatedly. The rest were blocked for trying to annoy me (really one said he was) or saying grossly sexual things on my deviations.

I did unblock the one who said he was trying to annoy me when he apologized. I think some of the others were banned from DA so my blocks were warranted.
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youlootamaxProfessional Digital Artist
I've only blocked three people, and sadly two were people who I used to be friends with <__<;;; The third was just some loser. But luckily that was years ago. I haven't had to since then though, and I've actually since unblocked them since I doubt they'll be commenting again any time soon anyway <_<
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housecat317Hobbyist Artist
I blocked one person temporarily for personal reasons, but then I let her back onto my account after we worked things out.
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no cause ive been too lazy ^^
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ShadOBabeHobbyist General Artist
Yes, I block people when they are irratating or abusive towards me. I always try to fix it, but some people can't be reasoned with.

I don't like having a "blacklist" though, so I always go clean it out later. If they show up again, I can just bock them again.
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Well, I've blocked one person I knew in IRL because she was a drug addicted art thief who had no life and seemed to enjoy attempting to piss me off as frequently as possible, but other than that, no. Everyone I've met here on DA in terms of art have been really charming to talk with. The only time I run into folks who I wish would just go away has been replying to arguments about racism/sexism/etc. Some people have their head so far up their ass it amazes me, but it's never been a reason for me to block anyone.

Of course, I frequently read ED for the entertainment and have nothing in my life I feel is less than completely boring average, so I'm generally not threatened by the Internet Hate Machine and those who document it. I think that's the only time I could imagine blocking anyone online. Maybe I just have a thick skin.
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carnivalProfessional General Artist
only two ever. -_-; for serious personal reasons.
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