WOW this place is dead!!!!
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I guess Tumblr is the new DeviantART. I still can't get into that place. On the upside there are far fewer trolls here than ever. It just isn't worth it anymore, I suppose. 

I'm going to have some freetime for once in the summer and I wonder what all y'all (whoever is left) would like to see? Tutorials? More textures? Lemme know. 


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NakkurussuHobbyist Artist
There are fewer trolls, but there's a way more bullies than on Tumblr. In fact, many popular users on this god forsaken site are bullies. 
Can't believe nobody bothered to ban them. Talk about lazy administration...
Either way, DeviantArt is still pretty toxic. It's even more toxic than Tumblr is now. This is what happens when you fire the actually good admins and hire bad ones in their place (not all are bad, but most of them are now.)
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SilverSugarHobbyist General Artist
Sorry to reply to an older post but...Hibbary I've missed you and the only reason I was gone at all was because my computer died a horrible death (took a novel with it and then some) but I'm back now and eager to stalk you and your pretty arts again! *gasps for breath* Sorry, that was a horrible run-on, but I was the excited.

Tumblr is pretty shit most of the time, but good lord is it addicting as fuck. I hope to get over that now that I have real internet again and don't need to rely on my phone for shit. Hahaha....

As for seeing stuffs... I wanna look at any and all things~! I've missed a lot. Prepare for a bunch of fave and runs from me. Pfft.
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TalecHobbyist Traditional Artist

I like seeing anything by you, but I do have a soft spot for the textures :D
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More dragon art please.
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Kiara-VestigiumHobbyist Photographer
Art! :D Any kind of it :)
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perksofmylifeProfessional General Artist
I really love your art though. I'm amazed.
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perksofmylifeProfessional General Artist
I just joined aha.
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FalcolfProfessional General Artist
I'm usually found on Tumblr these days, but I still love dA enough to keep buying a membership!
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BridgeottoHobbyist General Artist
I'm also not a huge tumblr fan. I find DA a much nicer way to present art. Less scrolling.
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I feel like there's more fanart on Tumblr and more creativity here.  I see much more detailed works here than I see anywhere on Tumblr.  Then again, I don't explore too much.
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
I'm noticing that if you want to be 'popular' on Tumblr it's way more important to get in on goofy fanart trends. :I 
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I dunno that strategy works pretty well here, too. My fanart always does better than my original art even if the quality isn't as great. 
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I'm just here to look at your art!
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RawriosuHobbyist Photographer
Trollblr, and the terrible and useless interface? D: Nooooooo
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berguntyHobbyist General Artist
I discovered Tumblr the other much so I never want to go back! 

I thought maybe exams and / or school holidays are keeping this place quiet? (Exams are going on in the UK, and some places break early for hols I think?) Assuming most people on here are students (I'll go back to feelin' old, and writing journals about how social media confuses me 'cos I guess I'm too old for it ;) )
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I love your tutorials, so I'm voting that way!
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This became less social and more artistical, as it's supposed to be. So in activity it became less in quantity, more in quality.
Tumblr is a waste of time IMO. The troll migration from DA was probably because of sites like Tumblr. No seriously, Tumblr is a cesspool of people much like Youtube, maybe even worse, mostly because of SJW. But the thing is, unless you have something very clear in mind of what justice truly is, also in matter of what is right and wrong, being a SJW without that is just more gasoline in the fire. And most people have no clue of what true justice is, neither what's right and wrong. It's just "selfish justice" and idiotic "family friendliness".
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Tutorials!  And as much of your beautiful art as you feel like doing :D
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I would be happy to see whatever you feel like posting.

tumblr is a weird place, I'm not sure how it is like for art or conversation. I mostly lurk.
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shottsy85Professional General Artist
I'm still here, Been following you since around '04. I feel this place is pretty dead too but I just don't understand Tumblr either its so hard for me to manage, but DA got so cluttered and crappy I don't like it as much. You HAVE to add each image to a ton of specific groups to get it noticed now. I would LOVE to see tutorials and textures from you! 
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LordDonovanProfessional Digital Artist
Darn kids these days with their music and their Tumblrs. How people can think that's the place to go to display and view art... It doesn't really make sense to me either. The narrow vertical page layout, the lack of comments and discussion, the limited image size, various other things, it just doesn't seem good for serious art enjoyment. Probably fine for people who like to post lots of relatively quick things or random pictures of their cat, but that's not what I'm after. Quite frankly I wonder how many artists are on Tumblr because they truly prefer the site itself, or just went there because that's where it seems everyone else is. I suspect it hit that level of popularity, or at least perceived popularity, where the popularity itself is a selling point. But whatever, it is what it is, and if it sucked the trolls away too, then at worst that's a glass half empty/half full sort of deal. Though dA having a big troll problem is kinda news to me, guess I stayed too quiet and unpopular to draw their attention. 

Anyway, since you're asking, I'm a tutorial fan myself. In particular, I'm most interested in digital painting or coloring techniques employed by those who color like you do, which is to say... Painterly, I guess? Closer to a real media sort of feel than the old unnaturally crisp digital-flat look. That's what I like, and want to do better. I was reasonably happy with my old actual real media paintings, (I especially liked working with gouache,) but I can't pull it off to my full satisfaction digitally thus far. So really, all the information you care to give on digital painting technique would be good.

Alternately, you always draw the volumes on your animal heads so well defined and substantive, and what's more, always do it well without sticking to the "easy" angles, so a little step-by-step on just one specific, I dunno, wolf or dragon head would be nice- the kind of basic shapes you break them down into and that sort of thing. Seems to me like there's different ways of fitting muzzles into craniums, or working in the brow ridges, for example, but however you do it works great. Obviously practice and skill is a huge factor there, but seeing the technique you've perfected would help point us in the right direction.
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art-paperfoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
cool stuff that makes you happy?

I'm still here and I still generally just like your work XD
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
Nothing makes me happy >8 I  *dons black cowl*  Heeeeeghh!!!   

but seriously, we shall see what I can brew up come summer :P 
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