Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
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I am officially 35 DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN.  On my way to hagdom, which I kind of look forward to. My mother says I was born an old woman, so I'm just acquiring a shape to match my soul hahahaha. 


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GalopaWXYHobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn I have only 4 years to catch up with your amazing art
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KipporahHobbyist General Artist
ME too! I'm 34 now.
Happy Birthday!!
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
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When I'm honest with myself, I think I became an old man way before my time. :giggle: So I can relate.
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SapphireGamgeeProfessional Digital Artist
Hagdom is great! (Pssst- we have jackets :D )
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We were both a lot younger when I first started watching you 19 years or so ago.  ;)  Happy birthday!
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KittyrinnAikoHobbyist General Artist
35 isn't all that old.
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michaelmasHobbyist Writer
Hope you had a great day :airborne:
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Happy Birthday to you!
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MiranthiaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'M LATE but happy birthday!!
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draenei-friendHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! :iconcakeplz:
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You still have at LEAST another decade before you hit hagdom.
THEN you can start talking like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.

Until then, you're stuck with us youngsters.  :)
Happy Birthday!
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Agent36496 Writer
35? Really? I hope you made that day special.
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I think you're more an adorable gremlin than a hag, but whatever works for you!
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
HAHAHAHAHA this is not the first time I've been called a gremlin! I think that might be accurate. 
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RoryRochelleHobbyist Digital Artist
My mother always says the same thing about me. Also so happy someone I admire isnt younger then me for once lol. Hope its a lovely age for you. 
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Lucasfan375Hobbyist Filmographer
Happy birthday! Big fan of your art! especially your Mewtwo art!
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GryphoniaHobbyist General Artist
Happy Belated Birthday! :D
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WakerraHobbyist General Artist
35??  And here i thought you were older than me...
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We're both 35, and we're far from being ancient artifacts. XD
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KasmutHobbyist Digital Artist
Relatable content. Happy birthday, hope you have a good one!
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