Someone made me a sculpture and it's amazing!
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Appacorn by HereThereBeSculpture

I received it a few days ago but I've been busy with work, babysitting my Patreon, and being frazzled in between :D   It's so awesome. I love the eyes especially. And the jaw shape. It's going to live up on my computer tower with my cat and butt dragon. 

The artist is :iconheretherebesculpture:  She lives near my old hometown. She wanted to make a sculpture version of  Appacorn by hibbary and I thought, how cool is that! She shipped me the original and I'm astounded that it arrived unbroken. That is some primo packing. She'd be great for MLP commissions I think. 


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Gorgeous :)
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DoomScarfHobbyist General Artist
Butt dragon? :lol:
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I looked for the sculpture online, which I am pretty sure it is but I couldn't find it. I'll show you the drawing that lead up to it:  

Mature Content

Don't make eye contact with your buttdragon by we-were-in-love

This is my alt account. This is me as a dragon perched on Gary Oak's butt. My friend asked me, if I were a dragon, what would I hoard? Gary's butt. The sculpture is a disembodied butt with the butt dragon sitting on top.
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good sculpture indeed. :)
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This is so awesome sweet ! 
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