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I wanted to do an experiment with transparency and light vs. dark. The first try is interesting, but not polished. It will take more effort and practice for the technique to really bear fruits.
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Just wow! Could you please tell me what media you used? Watered down Acrylic? Watercolour? Thanks!
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Golly this is soooo old. I think the background was watercolor and the figure was acrylic. Possibly acrylic ink.
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thanks! its beautiful
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I love this painting! I actually had it on my bedroom wall for the past few years but could never remember which artist had done it and I found you! yay. I think I had forgotten to favourite it, that's probably why. :/
No matter, I definitely won't forget now.
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This is very impressive!
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Love, love, love the color scheme! Looks like ice or glass, wonderful!
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Love the effect and REALLY love the claws. :love: AMAZING!!
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pretty and I love the colors
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*gasp!* okay so i randomly found this pic somewhere outside of dA about a year or so ago and saved it to my computer cuz i loved it. but then my computer crashed so i lost and forgot about it after awhile. so i just now randomly found you and then saw this pic and was like "NOOOO WAAAAAY!"
so yea! i finnaly found it again! and i still love it along with the rest of your gallery!
*long comment is loooong*
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*jaw drops* Wow, that's so cool! I love the ghostly look to it.
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wow, he is so elegant and stunning! beautiful!
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OMFG! it's amazing
great style, awesome details, nice background amazing painting, great theme :3
keep it up
you did an awesome deviation
i envy your skills at painting
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oh my goodness! this took my breath are an amazing artist (especially of dragons)
XxShoneSoBrightly's avatar
ah just amazing. So soft. Loving the feet? Claws? Hands?
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So beautiful. It's so ghostly and misty. It coudl be a spirit or simply dragon magic, the effects are beautiful. don't know if the dragon looks very friendly though. :)
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That picture is so marvellous :wow:
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Wonderful, simply wonderful
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which paint are you using?
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