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brotherhood comic page 1

By hibbary
I need to stop fiddling with this thing and just upload it or I'll be working on it forever. I'll just not look at it ever again so as not to see all ofthe mistakes I should have fixed ^_^;;; Anyhow, page one!!!!!!! I fudged a lot on the background and some of the drawings look wonky but other than that I guess I like it. I'm still perfecting my comic formula of layers and the like, so that gave me some trouble and resulted in poorly executed colorings but s'a'ight.
In case it doesn't make sense, the story goes as follows-- The boys don't have a way to get to school so Pietro had this "awesome" idea to run them there, seated in a chain of Radio Flyers tied together. Hilarity insues.
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I'm in love with these guy's! if I was a mutant I would join the brotherhood not the X men.#1 
Linx8489's avatar
Omfg love it is there any more?!?
hibbary's avatar
There is, but not much :(
Linx8489's avatar
i wanna read it
Crystalas's avatar
trust todd to forget silly little things like the laws of physics
zimlover13's avatar
i love this!!! toad is sooooo cute and the characters act and look like they did from the show!!!
xX-Frostbyte-Xx's avatar
Lance and Pietro are so handsome, especially Lance in the 3rd panel. Man this is awesome! You know how to draw sexy boys :heart:
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puppyscruffy1's avatar
Ha! That's adorable!!
animatedG1's avatar
Todd's eagerness is so cute I just wanna cuddle him!
EddieSketti's avatar
:rofl: OMG Too good!!! xD I love Toad's enthusiasm!
gt88's avatar
How did I not find this earlier? D: It is super-amazing. The boys look so kyoot in their safety gear.
Dollyfear13's avatar
I have died......and been sent to a happy happy happy place... Let me just say I LUFF yus LUFF you ^_______^!!!!!

A Brotherhood comic is genious yupyupyup. *nods* Not to mention the way you draw them is fairly noooiiice. *gives props*

I like Lance in the helmet. You just know he has to hate the fact his hair is probably all smoshed.

Freddy's loosing feeling in his lower half. *snorts* thats just funneh! I love his expression XD!

I feel bad for Pietro....he thinks its a good idea now but luggin all that weight around at such high speed CANT be good for someones back mutant or not @____@

Then theres Toad...going along with the whole idea, all happy and excited. Hims so cuuuuuut though ><! *steels him from your comic* I love the way you drew him with the goggles!!!!! Then again Im a rabid Toad Fan so x_X meh *shrugs and cuddles toad*

All in all I lke the way you set up the comic. THe way you drew the chars, so they actually LOOKED liked there supposed to is wonderful ^_^ (and yus I have seen a few sketches were they look nothing like they were origionally drawn and its all @@!?wha?) The comic layout is simple and understandable and the wording font is easy to read all in all *two thumbs up*

I hope this is continued!!! I really do sides I wanna see how they break XD! *luffs*
Crystalas's avatar
reminding us all the sheer cuteness that is Toad, this is the best comic of the Brotherhood I've found i'd love to see it carried on XD
AngelNeko13's avatar
this is really good. they almost look identical to the show
KazimaKuwabara's avatar
oh pietro...crazy...:heart:
twilightsoultaker's avatar
*goes into fangirl-induced daze* Pietro... so cool.... *giggles hysterically*
Redemmo's avatar
YAY! More comics!
Marimenala's avatar
:rofl: *to pietro* LANCE HAS A POINT U KNO!!!
Marimenala's avatar
lance looks hawt! :drool: :heart: the helmet!! looks like lance's the only somewhat smart one... i dounbt if pietro could pull them with freddy... :( :giggle: how funny!
TobiasDominik's avatar
Gothicthundra's avatar
Iam in love, this comic is so totally AWESOME!!!!! :worship: :worship:
attackitt's avatar
D2Diamond's avatar
:rofl: oh damn... I do hope there's more to come. This is funny as hell!
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