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an artist's job is to make art
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Published: December 25, 2010
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I don't care if it's weird art, shitty art, art that I personally hate. An artist needs to make art that's right for them, despite the noise. Make art time personal time and keep working, no matter what.

This is not an anti-critique piece. Critique is good. Useful input is useful. It's up to the artist to decide what is and what isn't.

It's about blocking out the kind of distraction and negativity that derails the artistic process. What artists need to worry about most is making their art and to not get involved in all the BS. Absorb all the valid feedback and let the rest just bounce off.

Happy Christmas.

Edit: Thank you for the DD! I'm glad so many people found it to be cheering to them.

After getting some feedback, I'd like to elaborate a little bit on some of the thoughts I've had in response.

The first is that these people are not necessarily 'bad guys'. They represent forces that often cause an artist to become upset, reactive, wasteful of energy. (I picked the ones I see people becoming the most upset about on DeviantART and on the internet in general. I personally have no problem with people who copy my work, but some people do). The artist is the filter and it is the artist who decides how these people hurt or help their ability to make art. There will always be trolls, haters, critics, copiers, feedback both good and bad, and the artist must always express themselves in spite of this, to take in what is useful to them, let the rest go, and not get caught up in their own negativity. This ideal artist is not at war with a hostile environment but at peace with reality.

Secondly, I've made it into a print (as per requested) but am also allowing the full DL of the original drawing for anyone who wants to print it out and just hang it up in their work space as a little reminder.
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AKAGoAnimateHobbyist Filmographer
Deviantart in a nutshell.
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FlowfellHobbyist Digital Artist
I like the critic they help me see things im either too stubborn to see or didnt see at all, they are another eye to take a look at your work and genuine critics only want to help you to improve. You should never take criticism to heart or feel hurt by it if it is genuine, contructive criticism.
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Killingsquash45Student General Artist
I feel this
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VetorHuskySamuriaHobbyist General Artist
You have no idea mow much I agree with you and this drawing. 
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probably cause ur drawing scribbles all over the page smh

oops this comments gonna got deleted hmm.
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AskShadowRioluProfessional Interface Designer
Finally, something I can relate to. This is the sad truth we deviants all live by today. From the beginner to the master, we will all have one of the people in this picture. But if we work hard, we can change the world in ways nobody thought were possible. Together, we can and 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 make a difference. Heart 
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SvetoslawaHobbyist Digital Artist
Find yourself on the picture... Am I on right side or left ? Hard to say. Sometimes its so close... ;)
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TheArtOfChloeHobbyist Artist
I'm going to print this out and everyone time someone insults or asks way too many, 'Where's their ____?' questions, I will hand them this.
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cherrycherry98Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is so TRUE literally!!!!! I could count off so many of the people I know that will copy my art criticize it and try to steal my hand drawn art I always put up other peoples drawings and give them shout outs I never steal the art though thats just weird... and oww my head hurts ahhhhhh
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That just life,something will and it can hurt u.
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Wow, amazing message here. I agree with this so much. 
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Makasu18Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was meant to see this. That spoke right to my soul. Thank You so much!!!Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. You're right, an artist's job is to make art and at the same time we must learn to drown out the noise that comes with it...
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PYRASMUSHobbyist General Artist
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Maximum993Hobbyist Artist
I have one edit. The critic needs to be highly valued. Don't depend on them, but a good critique is infinitely valuable to growth as an artist.
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PastelKawaii333Hobbyist Digital Artist
This girl looks like me. I do not think it's weird.
I understand
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Linked-SketchesStudent Traditional Artist
this is so relatable :) 
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JblaskHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very deep and and true message.I really think I needed this as do all artists. Thanks! :hug::D
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UkrainianVirus1991Student Artist
It represents what deviantart is like and school too
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barneyjones123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This art is cosnidered meaningful and I respect it ,I will add that to favorites 
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TheEliBlogProfessional General Artist
TRUEEEEELlama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
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Alex7629Student Digital Artist
it is 100% right
just dont read what there say
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Mr-GipsonHobbyist Artist
People just love to criticise my art and that's what I'm not used to... It makes me so MAD!
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DiamondblingblingStudent Digital Artist
This is just too perfect
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pipsgachafun2Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol i love the drama llama
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