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Who's afraid?

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Published: January 24, 2008
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Not me!

Two characters belonging to :iconarania:

Fairy story turned on it's head, Little Red seducing the big bad wolf. I rather liked the theme of the image. It was fun.

I think I'm just about done with the cartoon style, though. I don't seem to be getting any better at it.

Edit: So, I have been made aware that I didn't make it clear enough that this isn't actually Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. That was just the theme the commissioner requested. The girl's name is Angelina, and the 'wolf' is actually a guy, Ambrose, in his werewolf form. The two of them are friends.
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Nice Red Hat and Gray Wolf! :-)
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I admit I don't really like to see the wolf being the victim of Red Hood....
But in this case, I love it. :D
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UndefinedErrorHobbyist Digital Artist
Role reversal?
"Mmmm, dog meat..." :backstab: :hungry:
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cyang908Student Traditional Artist
lol dont worry, i try making a cartoon drawing, and turn out to be a fail xD
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The expressions seem to indicate that Wolfie is about to explain to Red that Antro wolves don't like girls, they like boys.
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
Ha ha ha ha ha!!
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The expressions seem to indicate that Wolfie is about to explain to Red that anthro Wolves don't like girls, they like boys.
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oops that wasnt actually a comment was it.... sorry... well it is a good pic and the idea of it was very well done. the big bad wolf was usually supposed to be a feirce wolf, but i guess he has met his match when meeting this lil' red rideing hood.
Infernothechinchilla's avatar
werewolves these days... degraded and destroyed by hollywood... gone are the days when the howl of a wolf upon the full moon cause people to hide in terror... werewolves need more respect now a days... and obiously they are not getting any.... cough cough harry potter cough cough... i mean come on that thing was pittiful. The van helsing werewolf would kick its scrawny @$$. i will admit that the werewolfs in van helsing and the underworld series were well done.
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You have no idea how right you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the werewolf--very well done! It seems like every time I try to look for werewolf images I see something about Ambrose--getting pretty famous!
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Emillie-Wolf Traditional Artist
I'm not affraid by the Big Bad Wolf,
I love the Big Bad Wolf,
Because He's not so Bad, finally.

Good draw !
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cute, smart, smooth...
ravenclawxwhitewolf's avatar
Aww, what a cute pair. :+fav:
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Good mixing of styles! Excellent choise of colors, and nice poses!
For sure ~arania, should be happy! ^^
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ValvadorHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, and who should be afraid :lmao:

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MagicalMelonBallProfessional Digital Artist
>_< This image would have been great if not for the Arania characters.
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NuuuuuuuuUUU! Stay with the cartoon style!
It's awesome! =D
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Ya know, that's a song too....can't remember who sang it, but it went something like this:
Little Red Riding Hood...
You sure are lookin' good...
You'll do anything that a Big Bad Wolf could want...

Yeah, that was the chorus. Your pic has a song now! :boogie:
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nicly done hibb :3

but i have to say red screems sex ._.
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Wolven-sokolovHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats nice.:D
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Beastiality? On MY dA?

It's more leikly than I thought.

Good stuff though.
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
I'm not sure if it counts as bestiality if it's a werewolf with a human brain. If it were just a wolf, that would be very weird O_O; But then, the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood talked to her, didn't he? So he was some kind of bizarre, sentient english speaking wolf :D
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