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White Dragon

My latest!  Focusing on things that I like and do well is great for the confidence!
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holy shit! this is amazing! that fur is so dope! i LOVE dragons and seeing this just.. i'm speechless.

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I love dragons! The fur is so cool! I don't know how you drew the fur so good :D

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this is amazing!! you are sooo talent I worship your fur skills :D is this the dragon from your older painting the watcher?

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Dang! That's massive progress in your painting technique!

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That's incredible. Beautiful creature and you've really spent alot in the details 👍
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Jesus, that's the most life-like hair I've ever seen in a picture!!!! O_O

It's stunning! I wanna touch...

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This is just fantastic 😩👌💎🥞
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That looks a lot like this old sketch of a fluffy dragon I drew forever ago

Fluffy the Dragon
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Ohhh... my God...


This is GORGEOUS!!


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Wow, this is a unusual image for a dragon, but I love it!

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such a wonderful, realistic design!! I love this!!

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heyy, i sent you a note regarding this painting. i'd really appreciate if you could read it. ^^'

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This is beautiful! The texture of the fur is magnificent! It's like some beautiful cross between a big cat, a dog and a ram. The lighting and shading are great! You did a truly beautiful job on this!

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Wow I love this!
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As much as I love creatures like dragons, it gets kinda old to go "how did they come to be?" and the response being either "created" or "it's magic". This... this looks like a creature that could actually exist. A creature that evolved to this state... and I love that.

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Thank you for this fine, girthy comment! I very much like drawing dragons as 'real' animals, even if they are magical in some way. They just feel more believable.

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My pleasure! I like both, but I will always ask the question of "but what if this was real, could it actually exist?"

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Oh wow! I never much like dragons usually, but this one is looking so soft and touchable and “real” even! Amazing! :love:

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