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Using my textures in Photoshop: a basic tutorial

Most people are probably going to know this stuff but I thought I'd do it for those who haven't lived half their lives in Photoshop like I have.

The info is incomplete, but includes the functions that I tend to use most when noodling around in Photoshop with textures.


tutorials for making your own paper textures:

Here are some of the textures I've uploaded:





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This is wonderful, thank you for taking your time to help the not so well photopainting us to play with your fantastic textures! I use GIMP and all your tips work there very well.
RedLotusPony's avatar
Hey... I've seen that lion on Khimeros.
hibbary's avatar
For a long time it was art Khimeros couldn't use so I stuck it in the tutorial. :D  Later Onyx found a place for it. 
RedLotusPony's avatar
Okay :) (I'm a big fan of that site)
decie55's avatar
Thank you so much! I've always thought layers looked amazing, but had no idea where to start! The links are also very useful.
incontactwithno1's avatar
Thank you Thank you!!
crimson-whitefang's avatar
I didn't know about even half of what you put into this. Thank you! I'm currently using Photoshop A LOT for school and I think this is going to be very helpful :D :hug:
PrismaticLily's avatar
This tutorial was incredibly helpful! Thank you!
Ryzingwater's avatar
Thank you so so much! I hate painting but love textures. This just made my hobby-life so much easier.
AlexandraGurtner's avatar
thanks for sharing!
ScarecrowFella's avatar
I want the last picture of the woman of the canvas effet Please!!
wei-en's avatar
This is really useful, thank you!
goodfood18's avatar
Great tutorial. I'll definitely have to use some of these techniques.
elmenora's avatar
Thank you for making these tutorials, and sharing your paper textures! It's very helpful :)
SilkShine's avatar
Oooh, never used textures before, I'll try it out sometime =D
anotalenthack's avatar

Thanks for posting this.
PriscillaHavenaar's avatar
OMG i (L) you for this! <3
OpalSkye's avatar
I've spent -some- of my life in photoshop but wow... This is a whole new level of awesome that I'll have to play with :D

Fantastic tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing it with us and providing all these textures for us to play with :D :heart:
SiriusArtWorks's avatar
Outstanding :D
I can always use and excellent resource such as this.

Thank you for all of your hard work in putting this together.
Michel-le-fou's avatar
I may use this tut in a new project soon. I needed the data.Thanks !
Hatty-hime's avatar
Wow! Excellent tutorial!
I really admire your skills 8D
White-Heron's avatar
This is Really neat, thanks! I should try it someday soon! :D
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