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Two Halves of a Whole

A pendant commission for :iconfruitbowlmassacre: This one took me a little while. I fought with the colors some, and finally decided that for it to look as I'd meant it to, I'd have to gold leaf the gears. (the paint just wasn't bright enough).

There then ensued an insane several-day tearing apart of the house that turned into some kind of cleaning festival. I DID finally find my gold leaf, but only after sorting through any number of boxes and throwing away at least two trashbags worth of crap. GOOD TIMES.
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Wow, Hibbary, I didn't know you did sculptures (obviously just waaaaay behind on the times judging by the year this was posted). This is gorgeous! Just wondering.... how much would something like this cost? e____e Lots I bet.
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As part of Project Educate: Fan Art Week 2011, you've been featured in Fan Art in Artisan Crafts. Thanks a lot for sharing this with the community! :heart:
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Can I but this somewhere? It's beautiful! I created an account on here just to see if I could lol
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Beautiful! I want a set! :P
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That is the most awesome 'best friends' type necklace I can recall ever seen :O
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wow its awesome unique design
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Cool, looks like something steampunk!
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this is beyond awesome.
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Awesome! :D great colours with the brass, the gold and the blue all together!
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are you selling those? i want one for meh husband.
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Very beautiful work...
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I typically find this concept tired, but this is gorgeous work. Glad you stayed determined to find that gold leaf! ;>
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i am absolutly in love with that. its so original.
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very, very beautiful! the best steampunk related work I've seen in a long time ;) you're very talented, keep up the good work!
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I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS! It's so so gorgeous! You are very talented!
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