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Textures in Ink and Watercolor

I promised to make this a long time ago. I had done the experiments, taking photos and scans, but became busy before arranging the tutorial.

I dunno if you've ever made a tutorial, but they take bloody forever. I spent all day on this crazy thing.

A lot of this feels really obvious and self-explanatory to me, and it may to you, too, but I know that to some people this is all very new so I kept it pretty simple.

I may, at a later date, add on the bubble texture and maybe a blotting kind of texture. Right now, I am calling it finished XO

I don't remember if I offered these textures as a resource yet, but I meant to. If not, I'll arrange a packet shortly.

Please forgive any kookoo mistakes. By the end I was like this --> @_@ and not sound of mind.
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Thank you. This is a really helpful tutorial.

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That's really neat!
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this is great, i didn't know why watercolor reacted the way it it does to different materials, now that i know how that works i feel less scared of experimenting with different things and textures. thanks for sharing your pigment knowledge :D (Big Grin) 
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I made a tutorial once. I sat like half a day getting screenshots and attempting to put it together.

I've never tried making textures, but this seems super interesting to try (I definitively will on a weekend eue) thanks for sharing!
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great tutorial, it must be fun  to do this and I suppose it would be great for kids too.
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I want to try this! :D
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A helpful tutorial, thank you for this :D
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Thank you this is helpful
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actually i have made the alcohol one :p
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It's so fun to do but the result is kind of visually strong and harder to work into a cohesive artwork than, say, salt. 
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Hi! Fantastic tutorial and good examples, I'm new at this do you have suggestions to type of paper to use? I'm using a slightly textured acrylic paper currently and it doesn't hold the water well, all bubbly and warped now :( Thanks!
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Watercolor paper works well. I use bristol and just flatten it afterward. 
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Alright, so should I expect all paper to need to be flattened afterwards? And have you heard of the technique of soaking the paper in water and letting it dry flat? I'm not sure if it depends on using hot or cold pressed paper or if it was just the person's style. :P
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If you have a VERY heavy paper and at a small size. But what you are thinking of is called 'stretching' and you have to either staple your paper or fix it with watertape to a board while it's wet  if you want it to dry flat. Otherwise it will warp. It doesn't matter if it's hot or coldpress. I prefer hot, myself, because I don't like that tooth. 
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Ok, so the tooth in hot press is the edging or the texture of the actual paper? And what is the difference between hot/cold? I'm an honest newbie. :P
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Hot press has little to no tooth because the paper fibers are pressed hot (hence the name) and the paper has a smooth finish. Cold press has a lot of rough surface (tooth) because it's pressed cold. :) 
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Awesome! Thank you so much, I think I'm preferable towards the cold pressed.  :)
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No problem :)  There are a few paper companies that sell watercolor paper packs that have a few kinds included, if you want to experiment. 
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This will be a great reference in the future!
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Fantastic work, so detailed, creative and scientific :) And Your texture paintings are so beautiful!
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This is awesome! Thanks for the tips! :painter:
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Thank you for sharing this tutorial! Can't wait to do some experimenting, especially with the alcohol!
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Great tutorial :D
hah i need to be more experimental with this stuff =w='
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Wow, that's so cool and inspirational! I always say that I can't paint, but... doesn't hurt to keep trying!
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