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More paint experiments. Thank patrons for making this possible :)
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Oh I LOVE the arms on this guy! Wonderful work!
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Come and get it, ladies! ;)
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*needs to sit down for a moment*
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Very nice!  
Would you mind if I referenced this piece for a drawing I've had in mind? I've actually been looking for a pose like this for a while, but could never find one that really struck me.
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:love: He's so gorgeous!
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This gives me a little insight into this sort of stuff. Never knew making a boxy type of skeleton helps making a more 3d type of view.
jekoo-bhuy's avatar
thats super dope
Kryatlicious's avatar
Beautiful pose! also, beautiful painting!
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Nice work. He looks like an anthro-jag you wouldn't want to peeve off, for sure!
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Leopard. Jags have little black dots in their spots.
Dredge94's avatar
LOL sorry, got confused by someone else calling him a
jaguar in the comments. XD
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Nice looking leopard! :D
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Ooooo, neat! I feel like I'm getting a small glimpse into your process.
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There is emphasis on the upper back muscles Deltoids and arse, very good!
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Your light and shadow are so pretty. I really like seeing the figure lines too, that's neat.
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Fine backside >:3
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What a good looking jaguar.  Bet he has a shiny running human hood ornament on his newly-restored 1934 Bentley Rolls-Royce (Lol is that a thing?)
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
Well, RR *did* take over Bentley some time during the '30s, so it's possible... 7@=e
superpower-pnut's avatar
ah, good.  I'm no car girl, but dad likes to watch those restore shows every so often...
TheBeastOfHearts's avatar
very nice, amazing to see how the squares works here in the anatomy ^^
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