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Silver Eyed Coyote

This was suppooooosed to just be a quick painting in order to get rid of the leftover paint on my palette. I started without any kind of pencil sketch and did a very rough drawing in paint, filling in the shapes directly afterward. Same color palette as the last. It's amazing to me how something can look washed out and grey and then a single thin glaze will make it glow with color. 

I used reference roughly from a morguefile photo but it's not terribly true to the original. I also used a fan brush to soften up the fur, which I usually steer away from because it's so easy to just make a puffball and fur is such rich ground for visually interesting, albiet not totally realistic, shapes. 
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Mischievous expression. :)
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Excellent painting. Excellent. I would like to pay a tribute to the king of all tricksters.  Do me the honor and check it out.…
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Oop it says the page is broken :( 
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Hello. I think I fixed the problem. Put the link in your address bar. That should do.…
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Now I get this message :v  
"Sorry, this content isn't available right now
The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in."

It might not be public enough that I can see it.
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Wow, that is a nice piece of a rather dangerous looking 'yote! As much of a fan as I am of the Old Man, that's an expression that would make me politely and carefully get the heck away if I could.

Discretion is at times the best part of valor! Thanks for posting this evocative image.

Light and laughter,
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Seriously!! Thought fooling around with Coyote is unwise at the best of times :D
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I know... but I can't help it. Being one of his shadows / influenced by him / manifesting some of his Aspects has become... significant to me on a lot of levels.

It's exalting, scary, disturbing, and wonderful! And that's just to the people around me :D

Light and laughter,
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Nice rendering/lighting.
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How do you keep your colors from getting muddy? The crisp brushstrokes are something I really love about your style!
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Hmmmm I think it's because I'm soooo helllbent on getting the painting done in a hurry that I don't have time to muddy up the colors :D  Also I tend to paint on relatively pure color, either straight up one color out of the tube, or two mixed, rarely three, and almost never more than three. That makes finding the same color if you need to mix again next to impossible. 
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That evil smile, i love it!  :)
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How cute!
 I wonder what he's plotting?
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very nice work 
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He's definitely up to something!
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I always loved the thick raw brush stroke style, and you do it so well. 
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I really like them, too! They've only *just* started making sense to me though @__@
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Beautiful! I love the colours!
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awesome work *__*♥
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Almost as good as seeing a photo.
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Love it! Looks like it's smirking ^.^
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