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Rev and Arakun

By hibbary
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Rev (the fox) and Arakun (raccoon) are having a drink and a nice chat when they notice you listening in.

Well, I said I'd spend some time on something and this is the product of several hours (I dun know how many...). I've tried and tried to get my scanner to scan pencil and every time it's too saturated with light. >_< it looks much better in person. This is the best scan I could get. I didn't use photo reference per se, because I'd done the line sketch without an refs, but I did look at several pictures to get the hair pattern on the respective animals because I haven't quite memorized that sort of thing ^_^;;;;;
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I have the same trouble with my scanner, the pencil is always coming in too light. Many sympathies!
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ekaraProfessional Traditional Artist
great pic!!

I love the faces :) <-- its correct? my english is very bad =_=
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ArgosArtHobbyist Digital Artist
They are absolutely perfect! Vivacious expressions!
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balaaProfessional General Artist
holy hell..this only has 42 faves? are people mad blind or both? O_O *quickly snatches pondering what it would look like colored* HMMMMM
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hibbaryProfessional General Artist
I saw you had commented on this and I was like, " O.O wt.... I uploaded that AGES ago!" Yeah, it's not particularly well liked and I'm not exactly sure why. x.x I thought it turned out especially nice.
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thejackbullHobbyist Traditional Artist
Look at them sly little faces. =) Reminds of a better version of Redwall. Wonderful!
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D2DiamondHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love the expressions. The cloths, the staff... the whole picture is just spectaular!! wow!! Makes me want to write their story! :D
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keep-staring Traditional Artist
awww! they are so awesome! the raccoon looks like a photo! ^_^
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ChristopherMarxHobbyist Photographer
wow thats a amazing pencil drawing. i specially like the fox face and the clothes :D
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zoanoidHobbyist Digital Artist
great job, the mouth looks really good :)
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furryphotosProfessional Photographer
Nice work on capturing the momnent. Oops i hate getting caught eavsedropping :)
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WOW! this is awesome! incredible! your graphite skills are unbelieveable! ever since i been watchin you they've always been amazing! i dont have much on my other DA name, but i have some crapy graphite stuff done, mostly cause i havent had time to get the good stuf fon DA but heres the [link] :D hope you like the little i have, i hope to get alot more soon :D
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I have to comment because this pic is freakin' amazing! They look incredible! Everything ABOUT them looks amazing and very realistic. WONDERFUL! :worship:
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Gods... such wonderful expressions and detail.
Prowling-Wolf's avatar
ooooshooo cute! :D *huggles the racoon* love his expression...especially his eyes....
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JudithMayrHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Awesome. I love the shading and the expressions you put into their faces. Priceless!!!!
Astrocat's avatar
I can see that would be extreamly annoying *sorry*
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Don’t they just always look better in person. I really love your pencil and pen pieces, this one in particular.
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SileasProfessional General Artist
awsome shading!!! love the characters!!!! ^.^ :heart:
Shetani's avatar
:omg: OMG That looks so REAL!!!!!!!!!!! *faints* :faint:
duoshinigami's avatar
That's very very cool. I like the eyes alot, looks so real.
Lai-Tut's avatar
Lai-TutProfessional Digital Artist
:O! Wow! Pure amazing! Its so perfect :D I love it so much!!!!
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NikkerHobbyist Digital Artist
My god I envy you. I love the fur texture especially for some reason, it looks very nice.
silverstar-falcon's avatar
do you read redwall?:? this looks a little like somthing from it but with your own chracters:#1: brillant
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