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Poses: methods of drawing

the second part of

it gets into the method a little more and includes some of my process. Don't take these drawings as anatomically perfect. I am not telling you how to draw a certain figure, rather, how to teach yourself how to draw figures.

Edit: Sorry dudes; I see a few wee spelling and grammatical errors but it's soooo late and I'm in bed. I'll fix them in the morning. :)
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This is something I need now and what I should come back to from time to time.

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Thank you so much for all the tutorials you have uploaded, they inspire me so much and make me want to try out so many new things I have learned! :heart:
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 I am very glad to hear this :)  I need to be making more of them.
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xD The Alien looks a little bit like Voldemort
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Thank you so much for this tutorial. I often stress about my sketching process but I'm staring to realize that I'm not even supposed to nail a pose in the first try. Your tutorial made me feel so much better.
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Probably one of the best tutorials I ever read on the subject. Thank you for sharing this! :)
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Wow very useful! Thank you! :D
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I am so thankful for these tutorials that you have made. Sidenote: You should write a book :P  But seriously.... Just last night I drew, painted and completed a piece only to look at my final painting and realize it was HORRIBLE. Just awful. I won't post it here because it's that bad. But thanks to this little nugget of helpfulness, I look at it as a learning experience, and not as a complete fail. :3 Thank you again for these wonderful tutorials!!
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Thank you so much! I love that your advice about learning is applicable to everything, not just art. I will copy some quotes down and start working :)
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Great tutorial, very nice and thorough. The bonus section is indeed a bonus, because aside from art itself, much of the advice (if not all) can be applied to many aspects of life, and anything regarding work that requires a level of passion.
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Very inspiring, you’ve made me realize what I have always known, but didn’t want to admit… Thanks 
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Thank you for sharing these lovely tutorials. I find the advice at the end is particularly helpful. :)
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Thank you very helpful :D
Icicle1penguin's avatar
Thank you for that advice on the bottom. That's a confidence booster. :aww:
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This is a very helpful tutorial!! thanks for the tips!! ;D
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Thank you for the brilliant tutorial! :D

And I was just wondering what brush settings do you have during sketching like in this tutorial? c:
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All the art done in this one is pencil. So no brushes to speak of. :F
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Wow, I couldn't agree more with this, and I especially approve everything you stated in the bonus section! Your way of drawing figures is so smooth and expressive, I'm in awe. Please, keep that up!
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Thank you very much for sharing your processes with us :) It's really interesting to see how a more developed artist thinks. Just out of curiosity, when is a good time to put down the studying and just draw? I have relied so heavily on copying references that I actually can't draw much on my own, and I'm having a hard time learning when it's OK to move forward, even when the drawing could be better-- sort of like the one-pot students in your example. It's tough to know when to quit lol.
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UGH, I needed this so much! Thank you!
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Thank you so much!!! Its really helpful!!!!!!! :)
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The additional tips near the end really touched me as a person, because I'm just an amateur artist and I have been doubting myself for quite a while now, wondering if I have hit my limit. I never wanted to believe that, but seeing your words really inspired me. I'll practice more and keep trying!

Thanks a million!
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Helpful, and inspirational. Thank you.
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