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Paper Textures 2



15 files
300 DPI
various sizes

Previous paper texture package: [link]

A tutorial on how to make your own paper textures: [link]

Download for the paper packet! It's a .zip

I wanted to share with everyone the things I'd been doing lately in terms of paper textures. I'll use them eventually for my own art, but before I do, I decided to scan them in so that all of you could use them, too. The strips above are little cross sections of each paper. I'm afraid it's a hodgepodge. Sorry about that. I don't really make paper by theme.

Also, I apologize if I already included one of these in my first packet. I forget exactly what's in there, but I *think* that this is all new.

If you use any of these, linking back would be swell, so that other people can use them, too. :3

Edit: If anybody really needs 600 DPI, just send me a note and we'll arrange something. I have them scanned. They just wouldn't fit on DA :D
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these are SO cool, thank you!