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March of the Demon Horses

Between commissions, while I was waiting for paint to dry, and after-hours, I sort of just... drew this thing on some paper I found. I had absolutely no idea in mind when I started and wasn't really sure just what I was up to during the process, either. Decisions were very immediate.

It's ballpoint and white gel pen on some mystery slate paper.
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I love it good job😄
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Wow that is amazing.
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Hi there, sometimes doodles from the subconscious part of the mind, make the most amazing pieces of artwork like this, its stunningly beautiful, thank you, cheers, Mike.
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Gorgeous and full of energy!
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Sometimes it`s just best to let the hands take control. The linework is great and I think the paper end up adding much mood to the theme.
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how can one draw with ballpoint pen?? xD I mean you cannot erase and well yeah ... x)
it looks so awesome! <3
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that's the idea :P I have been told many a time by the art instructors that drawing with a ballpoint pen is useful because you can't erase your mistakes. So when you draw the correct line in, you can compare.
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that's an awesome idea :'D but it's pretty hard I guess xD
I tend to draw like ... millions of lines before I find the correct one xD My art teacher keeps telling to decide but I just ... cannot :XD: Well I merely started attending art classes so maybe with some practice it may work out. I shall try it as well :D
But don't you need to sketch things out? I mean where do you start if you don't have any sketchlines? ^^'
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eh? But these are the sketches? If you mean like... a gesture, yes, I have those. If you look close, you can see them. But I have gotten used to doing minimal gesturing to get stuff done quick. I need to learn how to slow down :P
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oh so this is a sketch? xD haha I wish I could sketch like that! :D
You can give me some of your speed xD that'll slow you down XDD
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White gel pen!! What a good idea =) I've been faffing around with gouache, which is nice and opaque, but I can't get the tiny, consistent lines I want with a brush.
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I love this one! I think it's very beautiful this way. Amazing pic I have seen in a while!<3
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I have featured this drawing in my journal [link]
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I liiikeee ittt :meow:
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These really make me think of the flesh eating mares of Diomedes.
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hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
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Thats...pretty badass
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excellent work!
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