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Accidental artwork. I didn't mean to color it and had drawn it on somewhat lousy paper. So coloring was an adventure.
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Oh gosh, I love this!!! Lousy paper or not the colors ARE NOT a disappointment. 
The dragon's smarmy smile. The coy glint in his gaze. 
Goat: "This ain't no mountain..."  
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General Kengoati!
I like the texture on the draggy!
acreativeitch's avatar
I hear a strange sound emanating from the not too distant future, "CHOMP". I think I've fainted.   Hard to tell you had any problem with the coloring as it looks fantastic.  Nod :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Shoootie's avatar
Wooow I just love it Nod 
Familiar-Friend's avatar
Well hope you guys didn't get attached to that goat.
Caitybee's avatar
Haha this is hilarious. Great work.
Planao's avatar
That dragon is thinking, 'Lunch.'  XD  Poor goat.
Sweedzi's avatar
Well that goat is in a wered situation :)
Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
me and my boyfriend loved this pic
jacksonfivecheal's avatar
Welp, that goat is screwed. LOL Also I think this was done greatly in traditional color.
lupus-lover6's avatar
Its very very good
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This is a great concept. I love the whole idea. It almost made me think of a mountain goat bouncing down a the side of a mountain, minding it's own business, when SUDDENLY- the mountain comes alive. It's not a mountain anymore but a dragon that was hidden and the poor goat realizes he's at the start of a bad situation. Baa!
RandomDragon0412's avatar
And the goat is like:Hey, How did I get up here, oh, hi mom!
BlueRel's avatar
First thing that popped up in my head for some reason: "Are you my mommy?" :lmao:
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littlescargirl's avatar
Ahah xD this is so funny^^
Candimente's avatar
I worship your mad colour pencil skills. :worship:

Yay for mountain goats! Haha the dragon's all like, "you look like a tasty morsel. >8]"
TheGrinDragon's avatar
I love the smirk on his face. XD
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