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Golden Tiger Dragon

By hibbary
A pet base for my dayjob   These are only a few of the many marking and infinite color possibilities. 
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© 2015 - 2021 hibbary
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Audaciously-Mad's avatar
So cute! That face :3
Such cool wings and stripes
bear48's avatar
very nice work 
bergunty's avatar
I love how it looks both 3 dimensional and storybook illustration at the same time :)
DeadlySpider888's avatar
your art work is simply amazing!
Tellastar's avatar
literally I was like
"does G know about this" >W<
GoldeyWasHere's avatar
I guess I was browsing da by my name and this appeard... amazing to meet another goldentigerdragon around >8D
Tellastar's avatar
haha totally!!
drake22ice's avatar
Stunning and clean.. well done
Oh Hibbary, how you always so awesome? :)
icenectar's avatar
Looks nice! Did you do the mountains on this too? I know a lot of the images you post in this theme are collaborations...
hibbary's avatar
Yes, it's mine. For the collab pieces the vast majority of the artwork was mine, also (with some exceptions for some of the items). It's just that the arrangements were done by somebody else. 
icenectar's avatar
I see. At least you have things to keep you busy. I should be devoting more of my time to scribbling but I haven't. I'm always able to find time to write--mainly because I can take it everywhere and not worry about people looking over my shoulder watching what I do. I can't do that with drawing because I get so embarrassed when people watch me draw. I'm really not that good and I'm certainly not as accomplished as you.

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Love this one its very pretty, though i'd love it even more if it were fluffy too <3 I do hope I can get one or two!
Azura-rose's avatar
<3<3<3<3   I want 10 of these 
lethe-gray's avatar
heee, I have a similarly colored (and accented) dragon for a very old adoption site too. (great minds think alike, you have done a bunch of gryphons and such too that have counterparts in our side of the nexus - but your talent is sooooooooo much better than anything I've ever done :D )
DragonWhisperer23's avatar
You are Fantabulous
Pachabel's avatar
These colors are so striking *w*!
WynterrX's avatar
This whole picture seems to flow so well. I love this design too <3
Anisopteraphobia's avatar
Delusional-Weirdo's avatar
It's quite a striking design. Tiger stripes and the like are always so pretty when done well <3
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