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Endangered Ark Cards

Presales for the endangered ark card deck are now open woo! [link]

This is the first major project I've ever been invited into. It was terribly exciting to be a part of something with so many amazing artists.

My two were the Burmese star tortoise and the Lehmann’s Poison Dart Frog. You can check out all the other finished cards here [link] they're super groovy!

There are keychains also. So neat! I might have to get one. 8D

Both were painted with acrylic ink on 4 1/2" by 6" bristol
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Extraordinary Art!

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love the turtle!!!
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Beautiful!! I submitted this to my group [link] and was wondering if you'd like to join if you have more frog art or are interested in coming up with a creative idea for our frog contest!! :frog:
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i just purchased a keychain of it:)
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the turtle ( and the blueish colour scheme you used for it) looks especially awesome.
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AWESOME colors~!
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beautiful work^^
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My 2 favourite animals! *w*
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What? When did poison dart frogs become endangered? I love the saturation of the colors. Sometimes things can be oversaturated (got that problem with a digital WIP just now) but you seem to know how to keep the colors bright without overpowering the entire thing.
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Oh my God!!! I love the frogs....... Stunning!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful work. It must be something to be recognized for your hard work and well earned talents.

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That is beautiful. Reptiles and amphibians unite!
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So gorgeous, so sad. The tortoise contemplates it's own demise. This project has some really incredible art in it <3
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the tortoise is so adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :+favlove:
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I miss my turtles now T^T
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Beautiful job, I really love the tortoise's shell
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Those pics are really pretty. Especially the one with the tortoise, love it!
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Ohhh that turtle is gorgeous!
*luffs it*
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I just think it's amazing that you guys are doing that... I hope sales go through the roof!
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love it great color:+fav:
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