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Do I dazzle you?

OK ok, I threw in some rainbow, more glowcrap, and a big star on her bum, but that's it. :D No more alterations! It's horrible enough already!

Evidently people were not impressed with my lukewarm attempt at a sparkledog so I upped the ante and made this hideous, hideous thing. The other one was more like a character I might actually want to keep around. This is just... PURELY monstrous. Although I sort of like that crazy hair :D

Her name is Kirameki and she flies through Sparklespace listening to J-pop on her ipod.

Edit: For the people telling me that you like the other one better, do you not get that this is a joke picture? :D
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So flawless
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Princess Cadance?
Is that you?
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"You can never come back, Charlie..."
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ha ha ha ha ha ha
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Wait this is supposed to be a BAD sparkledog!? This is a PERFECT example of a good dparkledog.... One that doesn't make your eyes burn with conflicting colors and patterns and doesn't have TOO many accessories. Even the rainbow ears serve as a nice focal point... Sorry but this is great design >w<
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it IS kind of pretty. if she had natural colors, no wings, etc. she'd be BEAUTIFUL. but you did a great job on duplicating the sparkle dog anatomy though. XD
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:laughing: I know that this is a joke picture, but it IS kind of cute..from my childhood unicorn dreamland cotton candy cloud fantasies :laughing: even the name of the sparkledog is appropriate :laughing:
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Kirameki sounds like a winner. c:
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I actually like this.
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Unlike other sparkledogs that I've seen, this one actually looks nice!

Therefore you still must be lukewarm at the sparkledog attempt (in my eyes.)
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Not as bad as some sparklemutts I have seen out there, good attempt at blinding me though
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Not enough raimbowz. BI
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The concept of Sparklespace needs to be canon...somewhere. It's the magic land of Lisa Frank, and it KICKS ASS
This makes me think: UNICORNS.
OH MY ! It's too beautiful for my eyes! oh , wheere eis trhee keyuboaerd// xP
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I like her hair and tail o: That on a non-sparkledog would be kinda cool.

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May I use this as a sparkledog sample? My friend wanted me to make a sparkle tutorial, and wanted sparkledog samples at the begining. I think this passes as well done and over the top, and of course, I'l credit you.
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You didn't play it up enough!
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Hmm... Maybe some tail rings, a few ear piercings, and some random neon colors would to the trick. Better throw in more glowcrap, just for good measure :iconimthinkingplz:
Sparkledogs *shudder*
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The problem is you're a victim of your own skill.

Even when you deliberately make crap, people will mentally roll it in gold dust because of your previous efforts.

Not to mention, even when you draw shit, it's pretty decent.
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I don't know; gold dusted crap would still smell. :D
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But it would also still be shiny. :iconwhutplz:
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