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More painting experiment made possible by my patrons: I got ref for this one from Morguefile but only used it vaguely.

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Very beautiful work :heart:
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I do acrylic and for my opinion this is TOO GOOD to be acrylic XD i really find it inspiring idk why
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So beautiful! I might be projecting, a little, but she looks like I have egg on my face.
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Knowing Coyote, you just may :P 
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tricky glance :)
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Great brushstrokes. I love how you allow the back ear to get lost in the painting. It adds a nice sense of depth.
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The fur really is amazing!! Great job!!
MysticCoyoteArt's avatar
I love the smile on this guy.
ThatsWhyImAwkward's avatar
My favorite, for sure!
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Your attention to detail is remarkable. I really don't think I've ever seen another artist with a mastery for fur like you!
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I love the colors and your fur!
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Very nice! You made him look so smug.
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Wonderful work!
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Beautiful piece of work. Looks really good.
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Wow I love it
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You have a very tasteful art style. This picture would look great in a frame.
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Beautiful! :D
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Awesome. I love the nice expression in the face as well as your art style, a mix between realism and cartoon. Awesome :)
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