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Conte dragon

Buh? Evidently this didn't show up on anyone's watch list last night, so I'm re-uploading.

Done with conte or conte like pencil. And it's on paper I tea stained with chicory root tea.

Drew this whilst watching much Star Trek: TNG. O so good. X3 And it's amazing to be drawing just for fun again.
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:bulletblack: This work has been featured here: [link] :icongreyheartplz:
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Wow, very good =)
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goood very very goood:=):=):=:)=):=
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I like the angle! Very nice!
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Great shading, and I love the neutral setting that the paper adds. Very well done!
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Oh wow I'm quickly falling in love with all your artwork xD I adore dragons... I think you should draw even moar dragons!! :P
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I think you are right!
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nice talent technique and the dragon's tail and wing are amazing ... cool spine
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Dragons are my favourite fantasy creatures and you just made justice to them, great work!=)
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I love how you capture the shape and form of all your creatures! For example you can really see the curves of its body right where its hips are and how they connect to the tail. This is extremely well done :D
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Wow *-* Thats amazing. Its just... absolutely amazing. o.o
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:wow: I love it! It's way better than anything i could conjure up. lol
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Can you show some process shots of you drawing a dragon?
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I'll have to remind myself. I always forget. I get so goshdarn excited about the process that I work and work and work until it's done. :D
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Haha it's hard to remind yourself not to go to far.
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aaaarrr!! STAT TREK IS AWESOME. I love the sketch! its very nice :D
how do you do the textured look? using the side of a pencil orrr....
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conte is always a little bit grainy looking. And the paper was very slightly toothy.
so do you drag it?

also... i first saw your stuff with the arcanine picture... props btw... but ive always been confused on how to do individual hairs and whatnot... it seems like there's more to it than just a pencil stroke but i could be wrong?
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