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This is either my last picture of '06 or my first picture of '07. I spent the majority of my time working on it in '06 but am uploading it now. I dunno. I guess it doesn't matter.

Anyway, I went to see Eragon with my brother. By god was it ever BAD!!!!!! Laughably bad in the worst and most wonderful way. I was gonna write a journal all about it but never got around to it. Anyway, it was really awful. I rather wish they'd made it back in the 80's, because that's the feel I got from it. Really bad 80's fantasy, ha ha! A hackneyed cobble of previously published fantasy work. I'm glad to have watched it.

Undoubtably, my favorite character was Brom. He seemed to be the only cast member who could act, and his clothing rocked, and that VOICE! My GOD! I hadn't put two and two together (my fellow TLK fans would have me murdered if they knew), and realized at the time that Jeremy Irons did the voice for Scar. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Sexy clothes, sexy voice, and surprisingly sexy all around for an old, kinda bug-eyed, slightly toadesque guy. It was inevitable that he should die.

I'm typing a lot of stuff XD So I decided to do some fanart, despite the fact that I am not, by any means, a fan of Eragon. This is a youngish Brom with his own blue dragon, Saphira. Yes, both dragons are named the same damned thing. Confusing as hell, but there it is. And Brom evidently hasn't changed clothing since his dragon died XD No wonder they looked so grungy.

Oh yeah, and... I have never read the book. I don't intend to. I probably got both characters aaaaaaaaall wrong. And ya know what?? I really don't care XD This is my own interpretation. And that's that.

Also, a few people have bitched about the feather wings. The movie might have gone out on a limb with the bird style wings, but at least they bothered to try something new, and I thought the effect was worth the experiment. And a lot of my 'dragons' sport feathers and fur, so there it is. I enjoy something different from time to time. I love traditional dragons, but also like experimentation.
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