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More acrylic. I looked at a couple of skulls for reference. It's kind of a mix between a fox and a wolf skull.
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It looks like a creature I made!
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Nicely done mixture of skulls and sweet style.
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It looks amazing!!
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Beautiful, i love its gaze. its almost like its daydreaming or deep in thought.
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Skulls are so fun to draw but I can't make them look half as good as this!
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Very well done.
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That's really creepy, but I really like it! <3
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That's what I was going to say. <.<
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Just crazy awesome! :D
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It's a Cubone!!!
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Exactly what I was thinking X)
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I like the textures in this.
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Very nice! I'm curious, did you use just acrylic paints, or did you also make some lines with, like, pastels? Maybe you just have very little brushes, but this artwork made me wonder what was your technique :D
Anyway, good job!
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I used to used pencils more than anything else, so my painting is a lot like scribbling with pencils. I used a fairly large brush but would turn it and scrub back and forth with the slimmer edge. I find the active lines more fun than carefully blending larger patches of color.
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I second this question, I'm really wondering how you got all of those wonderful textures.
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I thought this was a picture of kubone.
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Yeah I thought of kubone :D
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Nice strokes!
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i like the name, latin for soul
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Such lovely textures you've developed!
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