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Ballpoint on tea stained paper. Done for the con a few weeks ago.
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Your line work is so clean! I LOVVVVEEE this!
Absolutely stunning!
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you manage to get me out of art slumps every time. I look at your art and think to myself, " I need to try harder so I can draw like that"
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Holy shit you are amazing
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You have a really wonderful way with form and figure.  Awesome!
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Wow this is really nice!^^ I like it:)
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This is just ridiculously amazing! I love the fur detail, and the style of it.
Tremendous work :)
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absolutely lovely. X)
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Do you do commissions? If so, how much? :O
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Nice design, I like very much the concept :)
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Love the style of it! /thumbs up
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this is amazing! how do you manage to do it in pen without making mistakes =0
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i like the Egyptian looking neck piece :)
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Too awesome for proper words to describe...
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I know it is a weird question, but is black tea or green tea better for that? (nobody knows here)
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What a noble looking creature! Your work is always so fantastical. The paper simply adds to the flavor.

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More than the drawing itself, the details are great! :D
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This drawing is absolutely stunning! I'm just amazed at your level of detail and this creature is magnificent... how glorious it would be to see them backlit on a rocky cliff. :)

What kind of paper did you do this on? And did you have any trouble with it warping when you stained it?
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You're freaking insane 0.0

This is amazing.
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Now those are some kick ass earrings. When making these drawings of strange creatures do you actually stop to think what types of animals do I want to combine or does it just come naturally? Oh and would light colored teas work well for staining paper or no?
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