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23 paper textures

An Edit: Pffffffff ha ha I just realized that I forgot to remove the grade off of one of the sheets of paper. At least it was a good one :P

Hey dudes and dudettes!

New papers! Some of my absolute favorites to date are in here.

These are just JPEG files and can be opened in any program that supports JPEGs. There's nothing fancy about them and they don't have anything to do with photoshop brush textures.

Rules for paper use:

Can be used for private and commercial use.

The only thing you can't do with them is sell the files as is.

I'd appreciate a link-back so that other deviants have the opportunity to use the papers as well.

A note:

You don't have to use the papers as is. I use a lot of green and blue but you might need red and orange. For tips on changing the paper to suit your needs, look at my tutorial here:

Also, for those who are curious as to my methods, I use various paper types, most of them heavier drawing papers like Rives BFK (you can actually see the Rives watermark in one of them. I liked it so I left it.) Some are watercolor. There might be a Canson Johannot Art Paper in there. They are actually cannibalized from drawing projects made during college, so I can't say for certain what each paper is.

The textures are made with acrylic ink. Some of the techniques I use are:

putting leaves on the wet ink and allowing it to dry (this produces the lovely leafy-looking textures)

applying plastic wrap to the wet ink (these look a little bit like glass shards)

dripping rubbing alcohol into the wet ink (the paper that has the water-spot texture)

using iridescent ink for a glittery shine (this doesn't show up well in the scans. sorry : / )

If you're interested in making your own paper textures, I have a tutorial here:

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