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Kill me Jack

OMG! Episode 9 have been awful and great at the same time. Damn, Genndy you make me heart attack! [Hyperdimension NEPTUNIA] Nepgear Shock 

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Wonderful work. I love your take on this scene, and that expression mixed with the altered form of her body makes this a work for the ages.

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I love how much intensity and expression there is in this. The helpless look on Ashi's face, but especially the amount of evil in Aku's eyes alone. You can't see his face but you can tell how much he's enjoying this. He finally found a way to hurt Jack worse than any robot or demon assassin Aku's sent after him ever could, and he's loving every second of it. It's like you can actually see the full extent of his evil in those eyes, all those years of rivalry and hate but now he's finally got him.

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Oh Ashi, such a tragic figure, she and her sisters were born under unhappy stars
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Aww shit, that scene! Fantastic job, recreating it and the horror that come from it.
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Just tragic...
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Hey, I'm in the middle of making a fan made alternative ending to Samurai Jack and we are in need of animators. Your art is pretty good so let me know if ur interested by messaging back.
Here is my phone number: 4703539849
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I don't think giving personal infomation like that is a good idea. You should have maybe just send her a note to keep it private
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He is so evil!
The universe can never let Jack be happy.
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I traveled to China, vast and fair.
To seek a woman black of hair
 “What news, oh China, of Ashi the Brave?
She tarries long, and I start to grieve!” 
“We saw her riding for the tower,
To save us all from our darkest hour.”
Oh Ashi, strong and bold! From the walls, I watched, to see of your return!
But you came not from the broken lands, where the earth was burnt.

I roamed to England, mighty and bold.
To seek my fortune in gold.
There I asked of the Englishmen. “What news, pray tell, of Ashi the Fair?
For I have not seen her yet, hide or hair.”
“Ask us not where doth she dwell. She has not come this way.
Perhaps she sailed south on the ships, far and away.”
Oh Ashi, brave and true. I wait on the docks for you!
But you came not from the southern shores, from the mist and dew.

 I came to Rome, where the grief ran strong.
And the bells, the iron bells, tolled cold and long.
I asked the sons of Mars, “I seek the one they call Ashi the Bold,
She had come this way, or so I was told!”
“Oh, stranger have you not heard? She fell at Kyoto fair.
Her father’s evil reign undone, she is no more, I fear!”
Oh Ashi, Ashi, fair and good. I weep for you by the tree.
Forever shall I turn my gaze northward, and pray you wait for me.

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Now this is So Cool... and the sad at the same time.  
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Damn that was a hard scene to watch
GudServo's avatar
Woaw! crackaronii this just came out of epicness
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Great episode and great tribute. He Heard The Call Of The THICC  
Joshmoe93's avatar
"Even in the depths of the darkest creatures, there is beautiful light."
DevinQuigleyArt's avatar
Except Aku. He is pure evil.
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Taka sytuacja, że oglądam jednocześnie "Samuraja Jacka" i "Attack on Titan", i akurat oba odcinki obejrzane jednego dnia były jednym, wielkim ciągiem kolejnych zaskoczeń :D
Tu naprawdę sytuacja stanęła na głowie - od braku walki ze Strażnikiem (której chyba wszyscy się spodziewali) po wyjątkowo pesymistyczne zakończenie. Do tego jeszcze brak jakichkolwiek zajawek z kolejnego, finalnego odcinka. Teraz to możemy się spodziewać chyba wszystkiego - mam tylko nadzieję, że nie będzie już podobnych numerów jak w Prima Aprilis (gdyby nie to, finał już mielibyśmy za sobą...).

A sama praca świetna, jak zwykle trafiasz w sedno kolejnych odcinków ;)
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Gdybym paliła fajki za każdym razem kiedy myślę o zakończeniu, to pewnie dziennie wagon bym wypalała. Strasznie się boję sakończenia "z dupy" na odpierdziel sie
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