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I don't mean to sound like a pervert, she naked underneath?
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Fine details for a perfect artwork.
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I luv this but one of her eyes is a little bigger than the other but thats it i luv this keep it up dude:)
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A narysujesz w wolnym czasie Jacka tak realistycznie jak ją? :D Nie powiem... on mi się podoba stąd moja prosba :3 
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mam to w planach :)
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you drew her perfect
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She looks simply amazing in this!!! :love:
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I love your "Samuraï Jack's art", specialy because you are a "JackXAshi" fan ^^. So congratulation ! 

PS : If you are very sad by the ending, write "Samuraï Jack Alternate Ending" it should comfort you ^^  (… )

PS2 : Not refers on my surname, when I chosed it I was in the hightschool. In fact I'm a very romantic man. ^^
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This is fantastic! :O I might like this style as much as your show-style!
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You managed to capture her beautiful innocent side. I love the hair and the eyes, as well as the gentle smile that hides a tough side which would probably punch you in the face if you so much as look at her funny.
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Ashi looks beautiful :)
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Ashi Demonblood, called the Valiant.

May she find the peace in heaven that she was denied on earth.
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I really wonder how would you draw her early version with that spiky hair and an angry face
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hmmm maybe I'm try it
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This is just ashesome! :D
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