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The Opera Phantom Discord Storyboard Ep 1


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The Opera Phantom Discord Storyboard Ep 1


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L4D - Hunter huntress huntard


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Pixel Waterfall BG.

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Dad, I miss you

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NOXimilien The watchmaker

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Iron Man handwarmers

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Coming Out

It's true, I am Chinese and I was born this way. At a young age I began to notice this difference. I was attracted to neither boys nor girls. In middle school, I liked math, and in college, I did my homework all night long. Being Chinese is not a choice, it is genetic. There are risks to being Chinese because society cannot accept the union between a human and a textbook. I have Chinese friends who didn't need sex because they could foreplay instruments and get screwed by O Chem instead. Now, they don't have a social life and are shunned by others. But fear not, life will get better. I grew up as a Chinese and I am proud of it (just look a

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 [ENG] ALL THE ENTRIES ARE HERE :thumb327851518: [UPDATE 2] :ATTENTION!!! ~HellPurestDevil (https://www.deviantart.com/hellpurestdevil) kindly offered prizes! So now, except of prizes listed below you can get from HellPurestDevil (https://www.deviantart.com/hellpurestdevil) : 1st place - full-body drawing 2nd place - a bust Thank you again for offering prizes! :hug: Any prize donations are welcomed! x3 Also there are only two weeks left so hurry up and submit your entry soon ;D [UPDATE] !!!CONTEST EXTENSION!!! Hi, guys, after thinking a lot I decided to extend the contest one more time!!! Not only because some people asked me, but because 14 entries, in my opinion, is not enough for giving out such p


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Everything about knotting...

Friendship Bracelet Sites: :bulletblack: Friendship-bracelets.net: http://friendship-bracelets.net/ Tutorials, Patterns, Generators, Community, Gallery and more! :bulletblack: Freundschaftsbaender.at: http://www.freundschaftsbaender.at/(german) Tutorials for Standard Style and Patterns :bulletblack: Die Knüpfwerkstatt: http://www.knuepfwerkstatt.de.vu (german) Tutorials for various styles and Patterns :bulletblack: Heather's Friendship Bracelets: http://hbernb.atspace.com/ Tutorials, Patterns Macrame Sites: :bulletblack:Macrame Collective: http://macramecollective.com/ Amazing Collective of Knot Artists, Knot Aware News, Gall


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