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Sweet dreams

...just saying good night.

(c) Scott Cawthon
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*Closes laptop screen*

Nay. The real world is not ment for you.
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damn that's cool
Urgh.....peeking around that corner with that sleazy grin. Like "You're so mine. It's gonna hurt, boy."

God, frickin Springtrap is the stuff of nightmares.
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Hello! I am glad you became re-active only a little while before I decided to! :) I missed discussing with you! Have you been able to practice your English very much without me? ;) Probably.

Anyway, it is nice to see you again! And I am very very happy for you, with your tablet! :lol: I hope I am able to keep up with you well enough from now on!
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Hello :D
So you were inactive too. Glad to see you again :)

Yeah, I may say I practiced English, mostly vocabulary, but still.
I have a lot of English documentation in my work.
Anyway, I started learning Spanish. I like it, but I am still not very good at anything :P

Remember how I complained about not being able to find a job?
Well, now I am trying to find more time. I guess all my life is looking for something :D

How have you been? It's been something like two years since we chatted, isn't it?
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That is excellent to hear! What are you working as now? :) I have a job now, too, but it is not all that time-consuming because it is not a "real job". :D

I have been very well, thank you for asking! And yes, about two years. I can understand Spanish, but speaking it is very difficult for me, because I get nervous and suddenly all the words I know are gone! :laughing: Ah well. It is the thought that counts. ;)

How are you enjoying your new tablet? :)
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Jeez, and a hiatus again, I am sorry. I try to make myself for the activity here but sometimes it is harder than I thought.

Well, I am a software engineer, sometimes I write small parts of code, sometimes I test them, and it is all for telecomunication. Nothing special, really, but it is OK :)
And where are (or were) you working?

I envy you these Spanish skills, I only know a few words :D

I am, but not as much as I would like. I had an exam, and got stuck on steam playing games and my tablet was catching dust. Now I decided to use it more ;)
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Don't worry about it! I did a similar thing. I am trying to be active on this website also, but it is proving to be more difficult than I thought!

That sounds entertaining enough -- is that what you plan to be doing for a long time, or is it simply for sustenance?
I didn't have a "real job", exactly. I tutored a student (math). Although it does take a lot of preparation, it's not really seen as a "real job" because the tutor does not work very long shifts at all. :D

That's all right! I envy your Polish :laughing:

I know the feeling! That happens to me quite often. :lol: What games do you play on Steam?
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No problem c:
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jesus christ, i went to sign up for divian art, so the sign up screen covered the pic and then when it closed, the pic scared the hell outta me
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I can imagine that. I got scared by my own picture when I accidently maximalized Gimp window after a break in the Internet D:
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