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Executive for gnome-shell

By hhhorb
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A complete theme for gnome-shell in 2 colors. The shell theme is a slightly modified version of Gaia-Shine by justviper...

High quality previews...
[link] [link] [link]

***SECRET TWEAK: Give your windows rounded upper corners by opening /Executive/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml in a text editor and change line 13 rounded_top_left / top_right to "true".

The Metacity theme borrows from Gaia4Gnome_0.2 by zapatecho
and Atolm-gtk3 by TheDeviantMars.

The GTK themes borrow from MintLiner by danodymake and gnome-shell's default (Adwaita). The icons are gnome-brave and a slightly customized version of gnome-tribute (from gnome-colors extras @gnome-look.org).

Includes two complete themes for gnome-shell, including a shell-theme, window theme, two gtk3/gtk2 themes, two icon sets, fonts, wallpapers and instructions.

Only tested in gnome-shell 3.2.*.

To remove text from the window title bars, sent window title font size to 0 in gnome-tweak-tool.

*UPDATE: DEC. 9, 2011*
Fixed pink titlebar color, please redownload and reinstall the folder /Executive/metacity-1

*UPDATE: DEC, 9, 2011*
Improvements to gnome-executive icon theme, it is no longer necessary to rename gnome-colors-common.
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aditpratama1Professional Filmographer
looking good in unity..thanks :)
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works well with xfce
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Thanks koleoptero! :^D

Thanks for checking it out and for the compliment, bluebyt!!
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Good work, I like it!
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theb4rdHobbyist Photographer
Nice work mate, if I ever use the shell and gnome-3 I'll definitely give it a whirl. :)