Wonderful. A New Allergy. Joy.

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Ok, today wasn't fun.  I woke up to a nasty allergic reaction.  It had started the evening before, but I didn't know it was a reaction then.  My right hand itched and felt bruised, and my lower lip was a little swollen.  By morning, both hands had sore, itchy swells somewhere and I had fatter lips than any Hollywood celebrity.  You know how your mouth feels after the dentist numbs it, and your lips feel fat?  Well, my lips felt, if possible, much fatter and actually WERE that fat.  VERY uncomfortable.  I also felt sick.  The doctor gave me some medication to stop the reaction, and I'm doing much better now.  I'm not sure what the allergy was to, but we have a guess that it might've been the home-canned Rainier cherries I ate last night.  I love those, and I've eaten them before, but I've never puffed up like this.  The doctor's not sure that's the cause, but we can't think of anything else to pin it on.  The only way to test if the cherries were the culprit is to literally try to get it to happen again by eating more.  What fun.  If I DO turn out to be allergic to cherries, then I'd have three confirmed allergies: cherries (which I REALLY like, so that'd better not be it), silver or another metal in silver jewelry (not certain which), and myself.  Yes, you heard me, I'm allergic to myself.  -_-  That's why I wear the friggin' bike gloves.  The gloves protect my hands when my palms get itchy.  I forget the actual medical term, but I'm allergic to my sweat; at least on my hands.  Medication keeps it down, but it'll never go away entirely.

At any rate, I still managed to make it to school late, so I did get the next comic up on my site.  Go check it out.  I hope you people enjoy it, because I went through a lot to make sure it got up today!   I haven't got the next strip all planned out yet (still working on dialogue), but that's ok because I have all weekend to get that worked out.  So, currently, I'm on schedule for the next update.
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Ouch. Hopefully you won't have too many problems with your allergies.