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OK, I think it's high time I did a new journal entry, don't you?  Yeah, I thought so.  I'll make this a basic report. :blahblah:

I've picked up new and addictive hobby: crochet.  It's like knitting, only with a hook.  Stop laughing!  I'm serious!  This hobby is addictive!  Look, see - -*zip!*- - I have a half-made scarf in by school backpack.  I can't even leave the stuff at home anymore.  Of course, I want to finish this sucker before the cold weather leaves,:snowing: but that's not the point.  This is a fun thing to do when watching a movie or something.  Hey, where are you going?  OK, I know it sounds lame, but it's actually a lot of fun.  Really.  Yes, really.  I told you to stop laughing!  I started this hobby back in 2002, but I only really made, like, one small thing a year.  This past December, I finally sat down and really got into it.  I made three pairs of washcloths plus a potholder as gifts.  Now that I've memorized the washcloth pattern, I've been making them nonstop just to see what they look like with different color combinations.  I also bought some REALLY soft yarn to make a scarf, which I'm currently working on.  You've completely tuned me out by now, haven't you? :shakefist: Fine.  Be that way.  I'll talk about something else and my yarn and I will have fun later all by ourselves.  And the TV.  I like to watch stuff while I work.  You're not invited.

Last November I bought a Nintendo DS Lite (I'm a big fan of hand-held gaming)! :excited: I was going to make a journal entry titled, "Let There Be LITE!" (clever, huh?  Just smile, nod, and pretend you agree), but I'm both busy and lazy.  With some money I got for Christmas, I totally snazzed it up. :toocool: Now my black DS Lite has white handgrips (it needed 'em; the darn thing is too small to hold without cramping my hands), a magnetic stylus with a magnetic stylus holder built into the grip, a nice black lanyard, and cool lightning sticker skins (so the front, back, and top screen area have hot, white/electric blue streaks of lightning slashing across a black background).  I also have a bunch of games for it, but since I don't have a WiFi connection, it's pointless to go giving out my friend codes.  What a bummer - - I would really like to play somebody intelligent in MarioKart DS.

I WANT A WII SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for school this quarter, I have two classes: Studies in Film and Intermediate Poetry.  The poetry class is alright; I'm learning stuff.  I really should post some of my poems and short stories in DA.  I'm enjoying the Film class (which is an English class, believe it or not) since it's taught by the same teacher I had for my Senior Seminar on Adaptation Theory and she's really cool.  The theme of the course is "Humans and Technology". :jedi: We're watching a lot of movies,:teevee: some of which are "R" rated and since I never watch "R" rated films unless I'm forced to for school, I'll be looking away from the screen during scenes of gore, sex, or nudity and plugging my ears when needed. :bleh: Luckily, my mind can filter out light swearing, so that won't be as much of a bother unless it gets really thick.  We watched a lot of silent films, such as "Sherlock Jr.", "The General", "Man With A Movie Camera", "Metropolis", and "Modern Times" (which is a mostly silent Charlie Chaplain film with a few bits of sound dialogue).  Recently, we watched "Dr. Strangelove" and "Brazil".  I had to watch "Brazil" years ago for a class, and it is the strangest thing I've EVER seen.  Other movies we'll watch are: "Blade Runner", "eXistenZ", "Ghost in the Shell", "Terminator", "Terminator 2", and "The Matrix". :matrixfight: If anybody out there has seen "Blade Runner", "eXistenZ", or "Ghost in the Shell", let me know if there's anything a sensitive PG-rated person like me should know about so I can look away or something.  I'm aware of what I need to watch out for in the other movies, since I've seen edited/TV versions and have been told what was cut out.  Aside from the unpleasant content of some of the movies, this has been a very fun class so far.

'Till next time, audios!

My twin sis! :iconmystryl-shada:  And her friend (and mine by proxy): :iconpurplerebecca:

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Anybody know any good clubs (if there are any) for:
-Dragons (found a couple, waiting to be admitted)
-Mythical creatures (in general or any in specific)
-Mythology (Greek, Norse, etc.)
-Slayers (the anime/manga/novel series)
-Animation in general
-Fantasy writers (or the genre as a whole)
-Webcomics and/or cartoonists
-Mormon/Christian Deviants
-Marchen Awakens Romance (MAR)
-Lord of the Rings
-Sherlock Holmes
-Graphic arts/design
-Abstract photography
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I have no idea how to crotchet but ever since I saw some goombas and 1-up mushrooms that someone had crocheted I have been both awed and envious of crocheters. I guess that makes me a dork twice over. Keep up the crocheting! The world will need your skills when civilization collapses and we all need scarves and stuff :nod: