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O.K., I'm trying to recover from a severe case of Bronchitis :sick: and a series of relapses that made me miss much of the first two weeks of the school quarter (I'm on day #21 of this illness and while I'm doing much better, I haven't fully recovered yet).  Before that, I had a seriously stressful time involving a crisis with my eligibility for graduation this spring (which has still not been settled).  So basically, the month of March was the worst month of my life (see, this is what happens when you not only forget to wear green on St. Patrick's day:shamrock:, but you forget the holiday entirely) and April doesn't look too promising either.

Check this out.  I'm still keeping an early bedtime so I can recover, and last night I hear a loud CRASH outside at a little after 11:00.  I thought it was somebody messing with the dumpster in the nearby school.  It happens a lot.  Frankly, I don't see the attraction in playing with a trash receptacle, but whatever.  I guess some people like trash (just turn on the TV and you'll see just how much demand there is for trash these days).  My hypothesis seemed to be incorrect, however, since the following sound of squealing tires definitely came from the street in FRONT of our house and not the school parking lot behind us.  My mom was the first one to look out; I heard her gasp and call for my brother and say that his car got hit.  :omfg:

Alright, there is NO CHANCE in this vast, limitless, void we call a universe that is full of what the History Channel insists are ill-intentioned chunks of rock and iron waiting to pummel our tiny little planet (yeah, I over-dosed on that channel the other day), that I was going to stay in bed after hearing this.  Outside, members of my family and that of several neighboring families slowly collected at the scene like zombies freshly risen from the grave :zombie: only to forget what zombies are supposed to do next.  This is what I understand happened, and I think you'll agree with me that no sane, un-drugged, or sober person would drive like this:

The setting: the street is shaped like an upside-down "T".  The main road is partially intersected perpendicularly with a short street ending in a cul-de-sac.  My family's house is located on the main road, right across from and facing the cul-de-sac street.
What happened: this maniac lady barreled down the main road, whipped into the cul-de-sac street, and plowed into the front of a van that belonged to one of our neighbors.  She backed up, turned around, and (judging from the carnage) floored the sucker, took out the aforementioned neighbor's mailbox, and crushed the front of my brother's car.  She backed up again, gunned the engine AGAIN, and rammed my family's car, knocking it into Dad's truck. :shakefist: She reversed one final time, and took off over the hill, only to stop a few houses down.  When my brother and my dad started running up to her, she called out something about needing to pick up her son, and took off again, essentially leaving the scene of what can now be legitimately called a crime. :ohmygod: Of course, she never came back.  Dad tried to follow her with the family car (which could still drive, unlike the other two vehicles she hit), but came back shortly after the police arrived without any luck.  We did get her plate number, though.  Someone we spoke to said she looked like she was displaying the signs of a meth addict.

Now, this event is so loaded with irony, you'd think somebody wrote the scene for a bad sit-com.  Parked at our house are four vehicles: the family van, which is older than dirt and prone to more problems than Michael Jackson at a scout camp; Dad's truck, which isn't too old yet but has also been having problems lately; and the family car and my brother car, both of which are newly bought from a good used-car dealership.  Figures, it's the new, operating-just-fine cars that get hit hard, my brother's car most likely totaled.  Dad's truck was just scratched and the van, the ONLY vehicle we have that's almost totaled itself anyway, is unscathed.  Yeah, laugh it up, irony gods.  Oh, and just a few yards down the street from my brother's car is a car one of our neighbors said is perfectly fine to hit, since he's looking to trash it anyways.  Did it get hit?  Nooooo.  And now another irony; my bro took the collision insurance off his car because he couldn't afford that and college.  Need more irony?  Try this: both of our cars that got hit (the new-used ones) have been in accidents before we got them and were declared to be totaled, but got fixed up anyway.  Then they go and get hit at the same time.  Not enough irony?  Have some more: my bro usually hangs out at his friends' houses until the wee hours of the morning, but on this ONE DAY he decided to come home early to finish his homework.  And his car gets hit.  The other half of this irony is that if his car wasn't there, this crazy lady would have driven onto our lawn and right into either our living room or my brothers' bedroom, where my youngest brother was sleeping.  Considering that, the car is the much better option.

God protects us.  I know it.  I've seen too much evidence of this to be able to deny it.  He may not always stop bad things from happening, since that's how we grow, but he protect us and will help us deal with the challenges we face when things do go awry.

Aiee, my nerves are on edge.  I had some funny stuff to say on this, but I'm just not in that groove at the moment.

My twin sis! :iconmystryl-shada:  And her friend (and mine by proxy): :iconpurplerebecca:

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wow, that soudns like an intresting night. thats worse then wen ym dad and i were driving down the road, and almost ended up in the ditch becuase of some drunk asshole. =P at least your all ok.