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Want an idea of how far behind I am with my art?
This is LAST YEAR’S Valentine’s Day Special. Yeah, I’m that far behind. -_-

Presenting Dayshade and Mezmoro from my webcomic, “The Hero’s Handbook”! Dayshade just loves to mess with the poor guy’s head. I just love these two characters; the relationship between them really developed them as characters and helped develop the plot, too (this is all in my head so far, btw). Is it love? Is it hatred? Well, for starters, it’s entertainment on Dayshade’s end and stress-inducing irritation on Mezmoro’s. You’ll have to find out what else is going on as the story unfolds. ^_^

FYI, Dayshade is a succubus and Mezmoro is a goblin. Dayshade is a sadistic spy who just loves messing with people’s heads. Mezmoro is a magician, and in the world of Eoa that means he specializes in Illusion Magic. Officially, he’s Lord Gaurtros’s secretary, a position Mez absolutely hates but gets stuck with anyway because his organizational skills are much more valued and useful than his skill in a low-class, believed-to-be-useless magic style.

I first drew this a year ago for my comic and it took forever to color. A large reason for the delay is that I experimented with different styles of cell-shading. The style I stuck with is a blur style. I basically cell-shaded every color on its own layer, duplicated each layer, and slapped a Gaussian blur on the copied layers to give the shading a blurred edge. That’s the basic idea, at least. There were some tricky parts that needed adjustments, but there you go. I drew the piece in a style slightly more animeish than my comic uses (the same style I like to do my good art in). Dayshade has her hair down, the way she wears it when she wants to tease, flirt, and/or cause distraction and confusion. Mezmoro’s reading a book because he reads a lot and will sometimes hide behind books when he wants people (namely Dayshade) to leave him alone.

What’s going on:
Just Dayshade playing more of her games. It’s Valentine’s Day, so Mezmoro already expects trouble and hides behind a book to send the message that he does NOT want to be bothered of have his time wasted. Dayshade presents a V-Day gift as a peace offering. Just as Mez starts to let his guard down, something kinda nasty-looking lifts the lid of the box. The funny thing about Dayshade is that she thinks ugly, creepy, scary, disgusting things are cute and cute things are gross and freaky (her greatest fear is of sickenly cute animals). So does she really intend this to be a nice gift, or is she playing a prank? With Dayshade, it’s hard to tell and often the line blurs. She is, after all, capable of doing both at the same time. As for Mezmoro, most goblins are comfortable with gross, nasty things but being the vain, high-class, egotistical neat-freak he is, he doesn’t share that opinion. Either Dayshade doesn’t understand him or even worse, she DOES understand him and pulls stunts like these anyway just to bug him.

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day, for those of you who short-handed on “significant others” at the moment)!
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I love Mezmoro's expression. :aww: