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Ed, Edd, and Eddy Gang Sketch

Here’s the whole gang from the show “Ed, Edd, and Eddy”! To be honest, I don’t really care for this particular cartoon. Only recently have I been able to stomach the animation enough to actually watch a few episodes and see what all the hype is about. The show looks rather fun; I wish the animation didn’t jiggle all the time. Was this show drawn by an animator with palsy? I don’t think I can ever get used to that. Makes my eyes hurt. The style doesn’t really float my boat, either. I’ve recently managed to adapt well enough to tolerate watching an episode or two; at least I don’t want to gouge out my eyes when the show pops onto the TV screen.

On the other hand, the characters are a blast. Each of them has their own distinct personality and interacts with other characters in their own unique way. Since I always prefer the smart, inventor-type characters, Double D is undoubtedly my favorite.

Anyhoo, someday I should do a cartoon review of the show. For now, here are just some sketches of the main characters in my own art style. I drew these one day this past summer when I was bored enough to watch a couple hours of the show in one sitting (the longest I’ve been able to tolerate the shaky animation so far). I’m not putting them in my scraps gallery ‘cuz almost nobody looks there and this is as refined as these drawings are going to get. They are just concepts, after all.

But how do you DRAW some of these guys? Do the Eds have more than just six or so strands of hair between them? Are they ALL balding prematurely or something? And what color is their hair, anyway? Meh, I had to do my best to adapt. As a result, Eddy look weird (you’ll notice I drew a semi-chibi Eddy just to make fun of him) and Ed..Ed’s whatever. I guess whatever is usual for him, ant any rate.

Enjoy, all you EEE fans out there!
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Omg, how cute! I'm planning on doing a fanart of it myself, and seeing yours is inspiring. Lee is so charming here, love her hair.
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i remember this show! it's been so long since i've seen it Cx
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Edd Hair Is Blonde Ed Hair is Red And Eddys Hair Is Black Or Blue If You Wanted To Know
You know, I love this pic so much that I tracked it down from the favs on my old account just so I could see it again.

Good work!
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Wow, I'm flattered! Thank you so much! ^_^

Maybe I should do more EEE art in the future...aparently, it's a big hit and the characters are admitably enjoyable to draw.
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The animation is a tribute to the old days of animation where everything was hand-inked. And since it's impossible to ink something the same way twice, the creator made its animation a tribute to human error. And to be honest, I don't think it really wiggles as much as everyone complains about. The wiggling is either slow or subtle, or hard to notice since the characters almost never sit still (I can only wonder how long it is before their animators develop carpal tunnel). Maybe I'd find it sickening to watch if my eyes were dilated, but I wouldn't know. Just to answer your question about there hair colors, Ed's is red (as found out in the 2nd episode), Edd and Eddy's are black (possibly blue, as it seems to be the EEnE version of black. Some fans say Edd is blonde, but it was just a wig as far as we know), Jonny's is light brown (seen a few times in seasons 3 and 5), Kevin's is red (as if I actually had to tell you that), and Jimmy is blonde, I guess.

OKAY, enough of me getting you up-to-date with EEnE's animation style. The drawing itself is great! I especially like that you gave hair to the characters that most fans incorrectly label as "bald." The cul-de-sac just seems to be going through some shaved head phase, and to make the characters easier to draw and animate, the creator gave them simple dots and strands of hair.

...Wow, this is really long. Sorry that I made you read so much about a show that doesn't interest you a lot. XP
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Actually, knowing that it's a tribute to the older days of animation makes me feel much better about it. Even though it's still hard to look at, I can at least now appreciate the history; and animation history is very important to me. Now I'm almost disapointed that I have a hard time looking at it... (I did notice recently that the jiggle isn't as bad in the newer eps, and it can pull off the hand-drawn look and still be tolerable)

AHA! Great! Now that I know hair color, maybe I'll color this someday just for kicks. Any idea as to eye colors?

Yeah, I kinda figured it would be rediculous for so many of them to be truely bald. Besides, I can't draw bald. So I did my best to interpret a few strands of drawn hair into individual hairstyles.

Don't worry about the length--longer comments are often the most useful, as in this case. Thank you so much for such an informative and encouraging response! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the art! ^_^
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The only eye colors they've revealed are that Ed has brown eyes (from a title card), Eddy has blue eyes (yet-to-air episode) and Rolf has blue eyes. A few times in season one, Edd would get a colored ring around his pupils (more recent episodes just make it a white ring) when scared. Sometimes the ring was kind of hazel, other times it was purple. I'd guess that Jimmy and Jonny have brown eyes. As for anyone else, I'd just be making uneducated guesses. XP
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Thanks! I'll work with that. Let me know if you find out any more. ^_~
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This comment isn't late or anything I'm sure.....*dies*

Well, just finished your whole comic, and am currently going through here....blast it, your style is just too good.

Personally, couldn't stand the show. At all. In the same way that I refrained from Ren and Stimpy.
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You are too kind. ^_^ Thank you very much!

EEEK! You spoke of the evil! That show was top on my worst-cartoon-ever list until just recently. I'm so glad the RaS craze is dead.
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Awesome!!!! :w00t!: The whole EEn E look really cool in anime version you managed to catch their inner beauty...:+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:
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Alway great to see another interpretation to an already classic cartoon.
Canker (Kanker?) Sisters are the best, then Naz, and Sara's character is well portrayed. The Eds are also well portrayed though I think Ed looks a little smart. Overall good work. I could take lessons from you when it comes to hairstyles (I can't do them well at all)
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Yeah, I enjoy seeing how others draw familiar characters in other styles, too.

I guess Ed looks smarter than usual because his eyes are in focus. ^_^

I wasn't so good with hair for a while, either. Or anything, for that matter. You get better with practice. I can't really offer much advice except this: try mimicking and copying other art styles and eventually you'll develop your own style based on what you've learned through imitaion and what you've been inspired to come up with yourself.

I don't copy other art styles well at all, but even in failure I've learned a lot.
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Nice advice, I shall use it.

Thats kinda how I got better at body types and hands copying other artists forms and branching off like you said. My main problem with hair is picturing it 3-Dimensionally that is what is the most difficult aspect of anything in art I suppose though. But as you said practice practice practice :)
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Some very cool designs, and I think you managed to capture the essence of each charecter perfectly!
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Thanks! That's great to hear.
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Hey, always happy to tell the truth. :D
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Excellent. I actually like the looks of these characters. Like you, I find the characters interesting, but the animation and art style bugs me too much to be able to tolerate it for more than an episode.
Double-D rocks. I love how he's an uber-polite, super-genius neat freak with a vocabulary of a college graduage (in English). There's no end for fun with that, expecially when one of his companions consistantly has dollar signs for eyes and the other one is dumber than your average brick.
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Those three do make for a unique combo, huh? The brains, the motivation, and the work force (when you can get him to understand what you're saying, at any rate).
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