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DP-Danny Vs. Kusu Guru COLOR

I’M FINALLY DONE! This took me forever to color! Man!

Anyhoo, featured here is good ‘ol Danny Phantom, everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) Ghost Boy. He’s taking on the Kusu Guru in a scene from a fanfic written by an online friend of mine, Mabaroshiwoou. I’d link to the story, but for some reason I can find it right now. Anyway, Mab asked me to draw something from her story. I normally don’t read fanfics (for a LOT of reasons) but she caught me in a good mood and I checked it out to see if there was anything interesting to draw. The strange ghost character, the Kusu Guru, caught my attention. In attempting to draw it for kicks, I ended up deciding I might as well agree to the request.

A brief explanation of what’s going on here: the Kusu Guru is a tiny little spirit that is obsessed with tickling poor Danny for some creepy reason. ((O_o)) Weirds the heck out of me, really. The other characters in the story think it’s cute (except Danny, who’s understandably upset with the miniscule pest). I normally don’t trust things that are cute and cause trouble, but KG doesn’t really intend any harm. In this scene, Danny was fighting two other ghosts when the tiny terror of tickling torture happily showed up and innocently summoned a swarm of iridescent vines without any provocation, reason, or excuse at all. What the heck!? The vines held Danny and mercilessly tickled him while KG watched in good cheer, somehow under the warped impression that Danny was enjoying himself. Um...that’s not the best way to cheer him up, KG. -_- Luckily for the ethereal runt, it had picked on probably the nicest guy in the world. Danny ended up get along with it just fine later. If that thing had attacked ME like that, there’d be Kusu Guru paste all over the walls. Of course, it IS a poltergeist. They’re supposed to be a little annoying. Danny’s fortunate that Mab decided to envision a poltergeist as something nice and cute and therefore forgivable. If some horror writer got a hold of the story, well, there goes the G rating. The Kusu Guru of DEATH!! And imagine if J.K. Rowlings wrote it! I think Peeves would find Danny to be an excellent target for mischief, being the bully-magnet that he is.

In the artwork, the vines have grabbed a hold of our alarmed and frustrated hero in preparation for their inconvenient prank. KG looks way bigger than it should because it’s in the foreground (otherwise it’d be too small to see well at all). The tendrils were HARD to figure out. In the end, I still don’t think they look iridescent at all, but at least they look cool. Iridescence is kinda hard to color. Shading proved unusually challenging too ‘cuz of the funny angle of the light source. Trying to avoid giving Danny the “black eye” shading job was tough.

-Wacom graphics tablet
-original artwork (found elsewhere in my gallery)
-More patience than I’m allotted (still ran a little short)
-many, many days of work
-a lot of trial and error

I had fun with this artwork! I hope you all enjoy it! *cough*you’dbetter*cough*

EDIT: What the heck is wrong with you people? FULL VIEW! I didn't spend days of effort to make a pretty thumbnail!
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Hehe I've seen enough hentai to know what happens next...
Jeanette9a's avatar
mind sending me the link to that fanfic?
ps love the picture!
Silver-Eevee's avatar
Aww, what a cute lil' ghost! I certainly wouldn't mind being tickled by Kusu-chan~ Is there anywhere else I might find this story?
Kote12TK's avatar
Hmm, she should've taken off his boots, and started tickling his tan soles to death.
TheEigthSinDeath's avatar
Kusu Guru is so cute! I just wanna give it a hug. You did a grat job with this pic
GeenaCamarda's avatar
Danny doesn't look all to happy right now. LOL. I wish I could have read that story! Anyway it's really cute!=D
mystryl-shada's avatar
I love that ridescent shine. And the blast that the tendrils are coming from. I must have a tutorial.
Good pose for Danny too, lol. He looks completely caught off guard.
The Kusu Guru reminds me of that odd little alien from a Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode.
HHB-BookMaster's avatar
A tutorial? isn't hard, but explaining it might be. Maybe sometime.

Thanks! I was going for the hey-what-the--? off-guard look.

Lol, you're right! It does look like that thing. I actually got the inspiriation from my distant memory of some Neopet. Haven't been on that site in years...
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... ten...tacles. Oh dear god no. o_o
Skyen's avatar
I'd really rather not elaborate... =_=;;
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