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Art Request: Sytakan sketch

I promised a friend a long time ago I'd draw his character, Sytakan. So now, a year later, I finally have the drawing done. This is likely to be the next thing I will color. Looking forward to coloring. Enjoyed drawing it. ^_^ Detailed description later, I'm in a hurry right now.

Just FYI, Sytakan is half fox, half dragon (though he bears no physical dragon characteristics other than being silver in color). I did not draw his two kukris and forgot to draw his sheath. May turn up in the background. Maybe.
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What, everyone talking about me wivout me here? I should take offense to that! Well, actually, I shouldn't. I just felt like starting an arguement. Wut? Stop staring at me like that.

Anywho. I love the way you've done this HHB. And technically, his draconinc side does show. See, (And this should be a shocker to you Hizero, or whatever you're going by now.) I have about five different forms, each having a higher level of power. A simple snap of the fingers, and poof, different form. Sorry little bro, I kept forgetting to tell you about that. Heh... But, as a paladin, you can't hurt me! Nyah!

I need an avitar. Blagh
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Five different forms? Uh oh, my right brain is getting ideas that my left brain says is crazy. Out of curiousity, just what are those forms?

I could make you an avatar out of this artwork when I'm done with it...if you want. No biggie, and this IS your art request, after all.
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He's overestimating their strength. Hiro, everyone's favorite paladin, could take any of the forms down. You know, if he didn't get his face blown up like he did against the Phantom of God's Hand.

Richter would have a better chance.

But, I assume they're more and more dragon-like forms, with the highest level one looking like a full dragon?

Ryu is overcomplicating the process of making an avatar. Take mine. I just picked out an old sprite of Richter that I've had for-ever, and made it smaller. Bam, instant avatar.
Of course I'm overcomplicating it. Overcomplications make things that much easier. Duh.

And Hiro can't take him down untill he finds some overcomplicated reason to smite him that can only make sense in a paladin's brain.
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"For the glory of the Lord" worked wonders for the Crusaders.
I find myself rather annoyed at the lack of an edit button

That spell my brother is talking about is called "Soul Strike", by the way. A cookie to anyone who recognizes that name.
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YES! They REALLY need an edit button.

"Soul Strike"...sounds familiar. Isn't that a spell from Ragnarok Online? *hides Internet search engine behind back* It's also a spell for, like, ten million other fantasy games and such...
Yes it is. *Hands cookie* Even the spell is a technical rip-off of the AD&D spell "Magic Missile." I'm a D&D freak. Wewt! *Shakes assorted magical items with overly long names*

And if you could make an avitar outta that, that would be really cool. Thank you in advance!

Muchos Graci..... I can't spell it....

Domo Ar... I can't spell that either.

Gods. An 18 year old with spelling skills this bad?
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Aah, it came out well. Syt showed me the preliminary drawings. I've never tried drawing furries, but then, that's me. I like the tassel-y ends on his robe, as well as the entirely random mini glasses.

I'm assuming that, like more or less everything else he owns, the rings Syt is wearing are all magical.

I'm not particularly good at drawing Syt in my normal style, though I draw the version of Sytakan that appears in TRL (a project of mine). Usually, though, I just draw him in my alternate style, and, since he's by-and-far the easiest character to doodle, I end up doodling him a lot.

I'd link an example, but I haven't actually submitted any to the internet. I think I'll do that later, then, when I'm finished linearting one.
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Thanks! ^_^ This character was really fun to draw. I'd love to try it again except I'll never get it to look as good. -_- I don't think I'll ever draw a furry this well again. Eh, I can't let that stop me from trying, though. It's just rare for me to be 100% pleased with a drawing; I'm such a perfectionist. It's proving to be a bit of a challenge to color, though. ^_~

The tassels and the glasses were described by Sytakan. The rings, yeah, are magical and I added those. I felt the hand needed something. In the color version, there'll be an orb of light or something floating over his hand that he's looking at. For some reason, I like to draw characters playing with their magic (like the pic I did of Mezmoro for the HHB second anniversary).

You should put up one of your drawings! I'd like to see your take on this character.
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It's should be a blue glowy orb with a white center. See, Sytakan has this one spell that he likes to overuse...
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AH! Thanks. Can do that. Good to know. ^_^ That should be easy, which means I'll find some way to make it fancier and difficult. -_-
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Very clean and smooth! I especially like the hands, feet and face. Cool-cool.
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Thanks! ^_^ I'm particularly proud of this piece.
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*pick-up voice*

Well hey there, foxy lady... what'cha doin' Saturday night?

*reads your description of the picture*

O.O MY MISTAKE SIR.... *runs away*
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*busts out laughing* ROFL!
Awesome! That is one of the higher quality pictures you see on this site. Man, now I'm totally jealous...

Cool picture, I wouldn't wanna be at the end of that dude's sword.
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Thank you very much! That's a very nice thing to say.

Neither would I. I have a sneaky suspicion that swords kinda hurt. ^_~
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